Nicole Richie's white A-line dress perfectly complements her petite frame.

Clothes That Suit Skinny Girls

by Sara Cantu

While skinny girls in many ways have hit the genetic jackpot, sometimes the addition of volume to enhance curves is a welcome change of pace. From flirty peplum dresses to cute and casual layers, there are plenty of looks that perfectly flatter a skinny body type. Clothing that draws attention to a lean frame while simultaneously creating curves is exactly what the slender girl requires.


Silhouettes that add volume to a small frame are a wonderful way to create an illusion of sexy curves for the woman who wants to add an extra dose of va-va-voom to her ensemble. Choose voluminous styles like peplums to enhance and flatter your great shape. Whether the peplum lies in the top or bottom portion of your outfit, pair it with a streamlined silhouette, like a pencil skirt or sleek tank top, to balance and complete this fabulously feminine look.


To flatter a skinny frame, opt for layered clothing that adds just the right amount of bulk. Fall and winter are the perfect times of year to play with layering, so try a sweater dress underneath a bomber jacket and pair with tights for a look that's cool, chic and totally weather-appropriate. Boot-cut jeans that offer shape and dimension to a skinny frame are a comfy way to look stylish, as are low-rise jeans that add roundness to a smaller butt. Pair these with a tunic and a wide belt with with gold or silver hardware to highlight your tiny waist.


Embellishments are a girl's best friend in that they can easily serve as a distraction when concealing certain features that are less than flattering. If your bottom half is particularly small and you'd like to draw attention away from the area, choose a top with details that distract the eye -- think beading or ruffles that add just an ounce of needed volume. A skinny body type is a highly sought-after figure -- decorative jeweled pieces, intricate patterns or textured materials each can be used to draw attention to your lean frame in all the right ways.


Certain styles of dresses and skirts look particularly great on skinny frames. For instance, the fashionable maxi skirt not only hides thin legs, but also can be made appropriate for all seasons. Additionally, A-lines that nip in at the waist and flare out at the hips are a fabulous option to highlight a trim middle, while adding just a bit of flouncy fullness. Skinny women should avoid dresses that cling to the body and instead opt for a sheath dress that skims the body nicely. While a simple sheath works well for virtually any occasion, choose a sequined version for special occasions where an extra dose of glam is necessary.

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