Protect your color contacts by using proper cleaning techniques.

Best Color Contacts for Dark Brown Eyes

by T.J. Black

Contact lenses can be one way to change your appearance in a subtle yet powerful way. You can enhance the natural color of your eyes or change the color completely when you purchase the right type of color contacts. Never share your contacts with anyone else.

Enhancement Tint Contacts

Enhancement tint contacts are colored lenses designed to enhance your natural eye color, according to WebMD. These translucent lenses come in a variety of tints, but you will be able to see your underlying eye color through the tint. Dark eyes can overpower lighter tints, like baby blue or dark blue. If you have dark brown eyes, consider lenses with a green or brown tint. The colored lenses will enhance the natural color, providing a more intense eye color.

Color Tint Contacts

If you have dark brown eyes and you want to change your eye color completely, the All About Vision website recommends using a pair of color tint contacts. The opaque tint of the lens can completely cover your pupil color, making it possible to change your dark brown eye color to baby blue. Manufacturers produce a variety of colors, including unusual shades like gray, amethyst and violet. You can use more traditional shades like hazel, blue or green, if you prefer. Color tint contacts have designs that mimic an actual pupil. The center part of the lens, where it will fit over the iris, is clear of tint or color to allow you to see while wearing it.

Theatrical Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses are similar to color tint contacts, but they usually have a hand-painted design. They will cover your natural eye color, so you can wear them with dark brown eyes without distorting the intended effect. If you plan to order this type of contact lens, you will want to work with a reputable doctor. According to Dr. Jonathan Gording, a vision therapist who creates special effect contact lenses, you need to take precautions when using this type of lens. The contacts can be heavier than regular lenses, so you may need to use eyedrops every 10 to 15 minutes to protect your eyes from damage. When used correctly, theatrical lenses can be an interesting way to change your eye color into something dramatic.

Daily Disposable Contacts

Once you determine whether you want to enhance or cover your natural eye color, you can decide whether you want daily disposable contacts or permanent ones. With a daily disposable pair, you wear the contacts for one use and then toss them at the end of the day. Permanent color contacts allow you to wear the lenses more than once, with cleaning between uses, but you will eventually need to replace the contacts. The type that will work best depends on you, not your eye color.

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