A middle tot is often the peace-maker of the family.

Common Traits of Middle Children

by Melissa Willets

Middle children share personality traits that many parents wish all kids had. The ability to play on their own and the tendency to be easy going are just a few of these desirable traits. While not all middle munchkins are alike, as PBS.org points out, birth order is a known factor in the development of a kiddo's personality. Does your in-between baby exhibit some of traits typical of a middle sibling?


Since middle kiddos cannot demand all the attention of their busy parents, they often become self sufficient. Think about how your older child is constantly asking, "What can I do?" Meanwhile, your middle tot is probably playing on her own, in the corner. While the ability to play on their own is a great trait of middle children, PBS.org points out that sometimes middles feel like they have no choice. After all, mom is too busy catering to the baby of the family or to the dominant older child. Traditionally, the middle child has been the child who felt most ignored, so the take-home lesson for parents is to make sure all kiddos are getting attention.

Easy Going

Middle tykes have the tendency to be pretty easy going, whether it's a matter of what's for lunch or what movie the family plans to watch. That's because an older brother or sister may have strong opinions and the middle is taught to go along with those decrees. PBS.org suggests another reason for the easy-going nature of middle kiddos: moms and dads are typically more relaxed with their parenting styles by the time the second baby comes along.

Attention Seeking

Despite the fact that middles often have relaxed temperaments, sometimes their feeling that they don't get enough attention can lead to over-the-top behavior. Perhaps your little one will jump off the sofa and scream at the top of his lungs or knock over his older sister's block masterpiece just to get a reaction out of you. Or, maybe he will end up becoming the jokester of the family, always acting like a goofball to get a laugh, although the baby of the family has traditionally been the one to be the funny one.

Sweet Natured

Many middle kids learn to get along with everyone and by extension can be loving and sweet in nature. You may see your middle showing kindness to her baby sister and then easily sharing her toys with her older sibling all in one sitting. Of course, the middle won't be perfect all the time, but as PBS.org points out, a kiddo born in-between her siblings is naturally a good friend. She learns to be a good friend because she was raised with a good friend in an older sibling, and a good friend in a younger sibling.

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