Complimenting your best friend will put a smile on both of your faces.

How to Compliment a Best Friend

by Josee D'Amore

Receiving a compliment always cheers people up. When that compliment comes from your best friend it means even more because it is typically more personal and specific. Compliments put a smile on her face and warm her heart -- they can also strengthen your friendship. Compliments are really verbal hugs, and being generous with compliments is a good habit to create.

Public Praise

Praise her in the presence of others, if you think she can handle that. Drawing attention to her in a group setting lets her know how special she is to you. Be specific in your compliment, such as, "Wendy just got a promotion at work today" or "Wendy, I so appreciate how you are always kind in your words towards others." Sharing a compliment in front of others sparks conversation about her and gives her more prolonged attention.

Quiet Praise

Whisper a compliment to your best friend. If she is shy and would be uncomfortable with a lot of attention, then keep it between the two of you. Compliments should build someone up, so the when and where matter just as much as what you say. Texting, emailing or privately posting on her social media page are also good options for encouraging your friend. Sending her a card in the mail or an e-card are also meaningful options to consider.

Give Credit

Give her credit for all that she does for you and others in her life. She will appreciate that you noticed her efforts. Be sure to mention her heart behind her efforts as well. For example, "I really appreciate the hours it took for you to make this gorgeous sweater for me. It warms my heart knowing you put all your love into every stitch." Every time you wear the garment, mention she made it for you. Tell her about all the compliments you receive when you wear it.


Share a compliment spontaneously. The more spontaneous the compliment, the more genuine it will likely be. Allow it to flow from your heart at an appropriate time. Compliment her on how she is dressed, her hair, make-up or her smile. If you are out in public, notice how she interacts with others and compliment on how kind, thoughtful or generous she is. Buy her a cup of coffee and tell her how much her friendship means to you. Unexpected compliments are the best and show you are thinking of her.

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