Shaving cream helps lubricate the skin for a closer, safer shave.

Will Constantly Shaving Your Legs Cause the Hair to Not Grow Back?

by Angela Bakke

Leg shaving is the most convenient and popular form of temporary hair removal amongst women. However, shaving only cuts the hair at its surface rather than fully removing it. If you're looking for more permanent ways to rid your legs of unwanted hair, you'll have to invest in a more serious method of removal. But if that isn't an option, there are ways to shave more effectively that allow you to pull out your razor less often.

Proper Technique

Shave your legs at the end of a bath or shower. The warm water softens the skin, encourages hair follicles to open up and causes the hair to protrude from the skin, allowing for a closer shave. Softened skin also helps the razor to glide across the skin more easily. Start at your ankle and use light pressure to slide the razor as straight and steady as you can toward the knee. Shaving against hair growth will achieve a closer shave. Be sure to rinse your blade after each pass, or the cut hairs caught between the blades will compromise the razors effectiveness. Bend your leg while you shave your knee to help glide over bumps and corners, as well as to avoid nicks and cuts.

Shaving Products

There are dozens of shaving lotions, gels and creams that allow you to move the razor from one end of your leg to the other as harmlessly as possible. These products are meant to lubricate the skin on your legs and soften hair to reduce friction, nasty cuts and nicks. The difference between lotion and gel is more about personal preference. Creams often contain a lotion base, which some women find more moisturizing. Body gel, soap and even shampoo or conditioner can provide enough of the necessary lubrication for a proper shave.

After-Shave Care

Giving your legs a generous dose of a moisturizing, alcohol-free lotion or body oil immediately after you shower and shave helps to lock in moisture. There are also hair-growth inhibitor lotions available, but user reviews are highly mixed as to whether or not such products actually stunt hair growth.

More Permanent Solutions

If you truly want your leg hair to never grow back, electrolysis is the only method of hair removal approved to permanently eliminate hair growth. Electrolysis uses a tiny needle that slides down into the hair follicle and destroys the cells so that no hair can grow again. Similarly, laser hair removal zaps the hair follicle with a laser light that kills the hair follicle, but hairs often regenerate over time. Waxing is another popular long-term solution because it rips the hair out from the root, but you'll only be hair free until your body grows another new hair. However, this method is much less expensive than its technology-based counterparts.

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