Teens learn to bake and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Cookie Baking Party Ideas for Teens

by Tara Thomas

Hosting a cookie baking party for teens is a unique way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. Advanced preparation cuts down on some of the stress and partygoers will have plenty of cookies to take home with them. To get things warmed up before the party, send out rolling pin or cookie-shaped invitations to alert guests of the sweet times to come.

In Advance

Whipping up dozens of cookies for a baking party can be challenging if you don't plan ahead. To cut down on time and cookie chaos, make and refrigerate several varieties of cookie dough a day in advance. Making the dough ahead of time gives it time to chill, allows people to make more cookies in the same amount of time and eliminates botched recipes or mistakes. By the time guests arrive, all they need to do is begin baking.

Cookie Bar

A well planned decorating station allows for mess-free cookie creativity. Keep sprinkles in containers, place icing into squeeze bottles and have plenty of paper towels handy. A table covering also keeps messes at bay for speedy cleanup. Let guests decorate their own cookies and have a variety of candies, dried fruits and nuts on hand. For special cookie treats, offer scoops of ice cream or frozen yogurt and let the teens make their own ice cream cookie sandwiches or sundaes.

Cookie Crafts

What cookie baking party would be complete without aprons? As guests arrive, hand out plain aprons to decorate and take home as party favors. Lay out iron-on letters for monogramming, T-shirt paints and lots of baking-related appliques so the teens can customize their own aprons. Guests can also decorate the cookie boxes they'll later use to take their edible creations home. For an added touch, hand out cookie cutters and recipes to guests so they can recreate the fun in their own kitchens.

Food and Drink

While teens may be entirely content to stuff themselves on freshly baked cookies, it's wise to have some savory offerings available. Light fare such as small croissant or finger sandwiches, fruit platters, wraps and various salads are excellent choices to accompany the sweetness of the cookies. Iced tea and fruity punch may be standard teen party drinks, but nothing beats an ice-cold glass of milk to go with the cookies. Mix things up a bit with an assortment of flavors. For example, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla soy or almond milk fit the bill nicely.


Have plenty of baking sheets ready; this eliminates the need to wait for sheets to cool before baking the next batch of cookies. If you're short on time or are expecting lots of attendees, refrigerated cookie doughs makes quick work of providing cookies to bake. Partygoers still get to shape, bake, decorate and personalize their own cookies. Keep in mind that cookies will need to cool before they can be decorated so if you plan to decorate, either bake them in advance or very early on in the party.

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