Large cookies are easiest to decorate.

Cookie-Themed Kid's Party Activities

by Victoria Georgoff

A cookie-themed party is a fun way to celebrate a birthday, holiday or just a Friday night! Many of your child’s favorite party games and activities can fit the cookie theme with a few simple twists. Your party goers are sure to have a blast at a sweet party like this -- just make sure you have plenty of milk on hand for your mini cookie monsters to dip their cookies!

Hot Cookie

For a fun twist on the party favorite “hot potato” make a stuffed cookie to toss among the kiddos. Cut two fabric circles and sew them together inside out, so the “right” side of the fabric is facing in, sewing at about 2-inches from the edges. Turn the circles right side out so the seam is on the interior of the cookie. Push a funnel through the seam to fill the "cookie" with beans or popcorn kernels -- and then sew the gap closed. Don’t have a crafty bone in your body? Buy a brown hacky-sack or small ball and paint "chocolate chips" on it so it looks like a cookie ball. The rules of the game are simple, have the kiddos stand in a circle and pass the cookie from person to person as fast as they can. Have a short nursery rhyme playing in the background or play short clips of music -- about 30 seconds. The goal is not to be the one holding the "hot" cookie when the music stops.

Cookie Decorating

Arrange a cookie decorating station with baked sugar cookies cut into different shapes. Have several different colors of frosting, an assortment of sprinkles, toppings and candies for the kiddos to personalize their own cookies. Don’t forget to put down a disposable table cloth as this will get messy! Have goodie bags on hand so they can easily take their treats home with them.

Pin the Chip on the Cookie

Cut out and laminate a giant cookie and cut out a hand-sized chocolate chip for a fun cookie version of pin the tail on the donkey. Tape the giant cookie to the wall, blindfold each kiddo when it’s his turn -- and gently spin him around three times. The child then has to tape the chocolate chip to the cookie, trying to land it right in the middle.

Gingerbread Man Craft

Every party needs a fun craft station so the little ones have something to take home and proudly display. Set up a gingerbread man craft station where the party goers can decorate their own gingerbread men -- the kind to keep, not to eat. Use craft foam to cut out the gingerbread men before the party. Have plenty of child-safe glue, glitter, buttons, pom poms, paint, and foam shapes available for the decorating. If you shop around Christmas time, you might even be able to score foam gingerbread man craft kits complete with scarves and other accessories!

Chocolate Chip Bingo

Play a game of "bingo," using chocolate chips as markers -- just be sure to have lots of extra chips on hand, as several are sure to become tasty snacks. You can play traditional "bingo" and call out numbers and letters, or make your own cards using cookie-themed pictures such as cookie cutters, a rolling pin and gingerbread men.

Cookie, Cookie, Monster

Get your little guests up and moving to burn off some of that sugar-induced energy! Instead of the classic “Duck, Duck, Goose” play “Cookie, Cookie, Monster.” Have the tots circle up with one child starting out as the "monster." The monster walks around the circle patting each child on the head saying, “Cookie” until he decides to say, “Monster.” The monster then races around the circle with the child he tapped as "monster" chasing after him, trying to get back to the open seat in the circle without getting tagged. If he makes it, he becomes a "cookie" and the other child becomes the monster to start the game all over again. If the other child tags the monster before he can take a seat, the original monster takes another turn at being the monster, and the tagged child becomes a cookie once again.

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