Personalize your teen's birthday party to make it extra special.

Cool Personalized Ideas for a Teenager's Birthday

by Zora Hughes

As your teen's next birthday is approaching, she might be begging you for a cool party. It seems easy enough until she tells you she doesn't want it to be like any of her friend's parties and wants it to be super original. Before you get stressed out, look at the options. You can have your teen come up with a theme and you can work on personalizing that theme as much as possible. Focus on personalizing everything from the invitations to the party favors to make your teen's party stand out from the rest.


Instead of sending out the usual generic party invitations, personalize them by sending out one-of-a-kind invitations that convey the theme of the party, or that show your teen's personality. For example, for a party with a carnival type theme, you can send out a photo-booth style picture invitation. You'll need to make copies of a black-and-white photo booth strip of three or four pictures of your teen in different poses. Cut cardstock in the same shape an add the invitation details on it, connecting the two with a hole punch and a brad fastener. Another idea for the tech-savvy teen is to forgo traditional invitations altogether and send a video invitation via social media to her friends. You can record a video with images and scenery that evoke the theme of the party, and then have your teen verbally invite her guests in the video.

Party Decor

You can personalize your teen's party decor in a variety of ways. For a dressy party, you can create a monogram of her initials on card stock and use them to decorate the walls or hang them from ceilings. You can also get personalized table confetti made using your teen's initials to sprinkle onto the tables. For an extra special occasion, hire a lighting company to create a monogram for the dance floor/ For a more relaxed party, one idea is to decorate a wall with pictures of your teen from birth to present day, using the photos to create the number shapes of the age she is turning. You could also tape photos of your teen on the outside of clear votive candles for table centerpieces.

Party Food

One way to add a personalized touch to the food or snacks served at the party is to come up with creative labels related to the party theme. For example, if your teen's party has a winter wonderland theme, you might label white chocolate doughnuts "snowballs," and marshmallows dipped in white chocolate that has been colored blue "ice blocks." Another way to personalize food is to serve only your teen's all-time favorite foods, or if your teen was born in, or your family's background is from another country, you could serve dishes that originate from that particular country.

Party Favors

Send your teen's friends home with personalized reminders of your teen's big day. You could order coated chocolate candies that have your teen's name or the age she is turning on them and put them in decorative pouches as a party favor. Another idea, if you have an instant print camera is to take pictures of your teen with each guest, then place the pictures in a goody bag with candy. You should also consider the theme of the party for party favors. If it was a beach party, you might include a pair of plastic sunglasses in the favor bags, or if it was a karaoke party, put a CD of each teen's performance in their goody bags. For a girly sleepover party, you could include nail polish and nail files in the goody bags.

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