Drape a luxurious throw across the corner of your bed to create the feel of a five-star hotel.

How to Correctly Use a Throw for Decor

by Mary Cockrill

Add a splash of textural color to almost any room with a cozy furniture throw -- a small blanket or quilt. But don't actually toss the throw haphazardly onto a piece of furniture and expect it to look decorative. Choose from a variety of ways to correctly use a furniture throw in your home to avoid a sloppy appearance. You'll love the professionally decorated look and your kids will enjoy the soft snuggle of a nearby blanket.


A sofa is a convenient spot to place a comfy furniture throw when you want to get cozy with your kids while watching television or reading a storybook. Fold your throw lengthwise until the width equals 12 to 18 inches and drape it over the right or left side of your sofa with one end dangling a foot or more over the back of the couch. Prop up a toss pillow on the seat cushion covered by your throw to hide the crease and give it a more finished appearance. If you have a particularly stunning throw, center it lengthwise over the back cushions of your sofa and tuck the bottom hem behind the back edge of your seat cushions. Place complementary toss pillows on each side of the throw to create a symmetrical, well-balanced look.


Use a neutral-color chair as a backdrop to showcase a snazzy furniture throw. Fold the throw lengthwise so it's almost the width of the back of your chair. Drape the throw over the chair back and underneath the seat cushion. Allow the end to hang several inches below the bottom edge of the cushion. Place a throw pillow in a bold pattern against the back of the chair to create an entirely new look for ho-hum upholstery. Drape the throw on top of the seat cushion instead of underneath it to pump up the visual interest. For a more kid-friendly arrangement, bunch up your furniture throw lengthwise and drape it over the back right or left side of a high-back chair for a more casual look.


Add pizzazz to a tall solid-color headboard with a colorful furniture throw. Fold the throw lengthwise into thirds and center it over the front of your headboard so it extends down to the mattress. Arrange bed pillows in solid-color shams across the front of your bed to enhance the throw with a layered look. You can also opt to place a folded throw lengthwise across the foot of a bed to add soft texture and color. Choose a patterned throw to wake up solid-color bedding, or a solid-color throw to calm down a busy fabric.


Show off a favorite blanket or quilt throw by hanging it on a bare wall. A special handmade baby or lap quilt with an attractive pattern makes a one-of-a-kind wall hanging and conversation piece. Get the throw custom framed with protective glass to shield it from dust buildup, as well as your little tyke's curious hands. Blanket throws with decorative designs can also add visual interest to a blank wall. Fasten curtain clip-on rings onto the top edge of a blanket and thread the rings through a pole curtain rod attached to the wall.

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