Improve your preschooler's counting skills during craft time.

Counting Crafts for Preschoolers

by Elizabeth Black

You are at the park with your preschooler when you overhear her counting rocks with a friend. You smile as you listen to her chanting off numbers until you realize she's disagreeing with her playmate. In fact, she's adamant that the four rocks in front of her are actually seven. Perhaps it's time to work on those counting skills? While you can practice counting skills with your preschooler at any place and time, crafts also allow her to express her creative side.

Number Necklace

Help your little one create a necklace using string and beads of various colors. Have your preschooler thread the beads onto the string following a number pattern as she works. For example, ask her to string five red beads, followed by five blue beads and then five green beads. When she is finished, she will not only have practiced her counting skills, but also created a perfect accessory to go with her dress-up clothes.

Number Art

Using a large piece of butcher paper, draw a number that can be cut out. Depending on the number chosen, have your child glue the same number of different objects to the paper. For example, have your child glue down three pieces of round cereal, three buttons, three beads and three pieces of yarn. Your child can also draw objects onto the paper such as three flowers or three smiley faces. This is a craft that can be completed again using a different number with different objects.

Counting Fingers

Ready to let your preschooler get messy? Lay out newspaper and finger paint and cover up any object you value within a five foot radius. Cover your child's hands in paint and have him place his hand print on a large piece of paper several times, reminding him to spread his fingers apart. When he is finished, count the fingers together and write the numbers above them.

Egg Carton Craft

Instead of trashing used egg cartons, recycle them for a quick and easy craft. Write a number in the bottom of each egg carton cup. Let your little counter practice away by placing the correct number of cereal pieces in each cup. For an option that is less tempting to eat, use buttons or beads and encourage her to sort by color. She will get a double whammy of practice with color and number skills.

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