Show your 3-year-old how to mix paints to make new colors.

Craft Ideas on Colors for Three-Year-Old Children

by Susan Revermann

Your toddler’s world is already full of colorful stories and experiences; might as well plan some craft projects to follow a color theme. Whether you want to plan a messy art project, tactile experience, a visual experiment or just a creative way to get your 3-year-old to eat his fruits and veggies, it’s possible with color crafts. Various hues of delight are waiting to be experienced with these multi-sensory activities.

Color Wheel

You can help your toddler create his own color wheel for a lesson on primary and secondary colors. Set a paper plate on a flat surface and draw lines across it as if you were cutting a pie. You should have 6 “slices.” Place a drop of red on one slice, on the next space add a drop of red and yellow, add a drop of yellow on the next slice, the next space should get a drop of yellow and blue, place a dot of blue on the next one and the last slice gets a dot of red and blue. You should explain to your child that he should spread the dot of non-toxic paint around on its slice with his fingers, wiping the excess paint off with a paper towel between slices. Point out that mixing the primary colors, such as red and yellow, or yellow and blue, make the secondary colors orange, green and purple.

Fabric Rainbow

Bring the magic of a rainbow into the comfort of your own home without hunting down a leprechaun. Cut a rainbow shape from a large piece of poster board and draw lines to divide it into six sections. Gather up fabric scraps from around your house or some pieces of old clothing. The fabric store also has scraps you can buy, if you want a better selection. The key is to get bright, colorful fabric for each color of the rainbow. Different textures are even better. Let your toddler practice his scissor skills as he cuts pieces of the fabric and glues them into place with some white school glue. You may want to give him a rainbow guide by placing a colored “X” on each section to show him the appropriate area for each fabric color.

Colorful Skewers

Fruits and veggies can pack a nutritious, delicious and educational punch. Have your child help you make rainbow skewers with fruits or veggies. The fruit skewers can be strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes and red grapes. Veggie skewers can be cherry tomatoes (technically a fruit, but they work better for the veggie kabobs), bell peppers, yellow squash slices, zucchini slices, boiled eggplant and mushrooms. Throw the veggie skewers on the grill and serve it along some grilled chicken and the fruit kabobs for dinner. Be sure to take the fruits and veggies off the skewer before serving to your toddler.

Colored Lenses

A colored lenses craft should help your wee tyke see the color lesson more clearly. Cut a circle out of the middle of six small pie plates so it looks like an “O.” Search around for some red, yellow and blue plastic wrap, as well as three wide craft sticks. Cut a circle out of each color of wrap that is slightly bigger than the circle you cut out of the paper plate, but no bigger than the outside perimeter. Place one pie plate down, tape a plastic wrap circle on top of it, tape a craft stick to one of the edges of the plate and then place a second plate on top. Staple the layers together. Repeat that process two more times with the other colors. Once you have the colored lenses put together, show your kiddo how to hold one up to the light to see a color or hold two up together to make another color. For instance, holding the yellow and blue together will make the lens look purple. Let him experiment with them to see what colors he can create.

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