A luau birthday celebration will be memorable for your little one and her friends..

Crafts & Games for a Kids' Beach Luau Birthday

by Wannikki Taylor

You have used the usual birthday party themes of princesses, pirates and superheroes for your kid's previous parties. A fresh and lively idea is to plan a kid-friendly luau. Though the Hawaiian Islands are miles from home, bring the tropical ambiance to your backyard with fun crafts and activities for the birthday boy or girl and party guests.

Tissue Paper Leis

Take several pieces of colored tissue paper and cut out 4-by- 4-inches circles from the tissue, and then stack two to five circles on top of each other. With your thumb and index finger, pinch the stack of tissue paper circles, and with your other hand, twist each circle so that the petals of the tissue paper flower crinkle up. Tape if necessary. To make a lei necklace, thread yarn between each tissue-paper lei and tie a bow at the neck for the little partygoers.

Make a Grass Skirt

You can use green garbage bags for more than just party cleanup. Find large, green drawstring trash bags and cut off the bottoms to form an easy grass skirt. Have each kid step in the skirt and pull the bag's drawstring to fit securely around the waist. Cut the bottom of the bag all around and to cut slits up the side to resemble a grass skirt. Add the leis necklace they made earlier and your little ones will have a complete hula girl outfit.

Practice the Hula

Bring those hula hoops out of the shed to use for all sorts of games and give kids the opportunity to pretend they are real hula dancers. Little kids are much better at using a hula hoop than their parents. Some of the young ones may have never used a hula hoop before, so put on island-themed music and give each child a hula hoop. The little ones will use the hoop around different parts of their body, such as their neck, arm, leg and hips.

Pass or Roll the Tropical Fruit

You can use fruit like coconuts or mangos for a luau game for a version of "Hot Potato" using fruit. Have kids sit in a circle and play island music. Have the kids pass the mango or coconut around the circle. When the music stops, the kid holding the fruit is out of the game. The number of kids in the circle will continue to get smaller. Continue playing until only one kid is left.

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