She can give her crafts as gifts to grandparents.

Crafts on God Is Good for Toddlers

by Kathryn Rateliff Barr

“Look, Mommy. I made it for you.” Your refrigerator is covered with her pictures and the shelves in her room overflow with examples of crafts from Sunday school. That's because crafts are a great way to help your toddler remember important truths such as “God is Good," and they keep her focused and entertained during home Bible lessons and devotions.

My Father's World

Help your toddler look around at the fascinating world God made and show him that God is good. Have your toddler make a collage of the many things he loves that God made. Items might include his family, a pet, trees for climbing, the beautiful stars and sparkling water. He could make a tree trunk out of a cardboard roll and add construction paper limbs and leaves with birds and squirrels nestled safe in their nests. Or, hand your toddler paint and paper and say, “God made so many beautiful things. Can you paint me a picture of your favorite things?”


“God is great, God is good” the familiar grace begins. To help your child see the bounty on your table and remember to thank God for his goodness, have her draw two hand prints and glue them together. Tell her that this will remind her to thank God each day for his goodness. Alternatively, draw a hand print in a prayer pose and have her glue pictures of things she is thankful for around the praying hands. She can use this to help her remember what to give thanks for during her bedtime prayers. You can help her record a prayer on a recordable voice module and add it to a greeting card she made. Send to a family member or friend to brighten his day.

God is Like...

“Mommy, is that God?” your little one whispers as the gentleman with the flowing white hair and big, booming bass voice speaks from the church pulpit. Kids have interesting ideas about what God is like. You could ask, “Can you draw a picture of God?” Toddlers are literal and might like to create a collage of ways the Bible uses to describe the good God, such as a craft foam heart for God is love or a crown for God is king. Or, you can help your toddler make a puppet of God to use in retelling Bible stories.


Jesus said, “He who seen me has seen the Father,” so your toddler might look at Jesus to see God. Have your toddler color a picture of Jesus playing with and welcoming children to show how God loves her so much. Or help your toddler color pictures of Jesus performing miracles and ministering to the people and put them together as a small book illustrating how good God is.

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