Spaghetti is not just for meatballs anymore; try some creative crafts with your tot's favorite pasta.

Crafts for Kids to Make With Spaghetti Noodles

by Victoria Georgoff

Your kiddo may already love slurping up spaghetti noodles during a sloppy supper, but he can also get creative using raw or cooked noodles in interesting spaghetti crafts and activities. Use spaghetti -- and just a few craft supplies you probably already have at home -- to break out of the craft time rut. Your tot will never look at noodles the same way again!

Spaghetti Snowflake

Get crafty with your little one by making spaghetti snowflakes this winter. Place a handful of uncooked spaghetti in a plastic bag with a little non-toxic white paint, and give it a good shake to fully coat the noodles. Spread the painted spaghetti out on a piece of wax paper and let it dry overnight. When it comes time to craft, simply draw circles of various sizes on blue or black paper to serve as a guide, and help your tot glue the white spaghetti noodles on the paper. Just as no two real snowflakes are the same, your kiddo’s creativity can get a workout by creating snowflakes of different designs and sizes.

Pasta Pictures

Make funky 3D art with your child using spaghetti noodles as a medium. She will love that -- this time -- playing with her food is encouraged! Start out by boiling the noodles for 8 to 10 minutes, adding a tablespoon of cooking oil to the water to keep the noodles from sticking together. For extra fun, add a few drops of food coloring to the boiling water to make colored noodles. While the noodles are cooking, have your tot get started drawing pictures on construction paper with her crayons. Once the noodles are boiled, cool them off with a cold water rinse and lay them out on paper towels to absorb the excess water. Your pint-sized Picasso can now use noodles to fill in the pictures she created or add funky designs and details. Once the masterpiece is complete, cover the picture with a piece of waxed paper and place a heavy book on top of it while it dries out. After a few hours, the pasta will have flattened out a bit and be stuck to the paper, no glue necessary.

Spaghetti Maraca

What tot doesn’t love a noisemaker? Help your little one create a pasta maraca using items from around the house. Find an empty cardboard tube container with a lid -- such as from a can of chips or bread crumbs -- and have your little one fill it with dry spaghetti noodles. Leave some pieces long and break others to create different noises. Securely tape the lid on the tube to prevent spillage. Next, have your tot decorate a piece of construction paper using markers, crayons, glue or glitter to wrap around and glue to the cardboard tube. Once it is dry, he can shake and rattle his new instrument to his heart’s content.

Spaghetti Noodle Painting

Get a bit messy while your child explores different colors and textures at the same time. Prepare a work station -- cover a bigger area than you think you need -- and break out some paint clothes as this activity can get splattery. Pour many colors of non-toxic, washable finger paint onto paper plates or into shallow paper bowls and have a bowl of boiled -- and cooled -- spaghetti noodles ready to go. Your kiddo can now drag, splat, swirl and smash the paint colored noodles onto the paper to make colorful, abstract works of art.

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