Let colorful scarves inspire your child's creativity.

Crafts With Scarves for Preschoolers

by Dana Hinders

Scarves are more than just a way to keep warm when it's chilly outside. These colorful fashion accessories can serve as inspiration for a variety of craft projects, ranging from scarf paintings to scarves your child can make as gifts for family or friends. Help your preschooler celebrate the changing seasons by completing a scarf craft project together.

Scarf Paintbrushes

If you have an old scarf that you no longer want or you're just looking for an excuse to treat yourself to a new winter scarf, have your child practice dipping scarves made from different materials into washable paint to see what interesting patterns she can make on a large sheet of paper. To make this craft even more fun, set out sponges, makeup brushes and stamps made from craft foam so she can compare the effects each material creates.

Scarf Fashion Show

Preschoolers love to play dress up games, so challenge your child to see how many ways she can think of to turn a scarf into a costume. Some possible ideas to start with include using a scarf as a cape, wearing it as a belt around her waist, wrapping it around her hips to make a skirt or tying the corners together to make a knapsack for carrying her stuff. Take pictures of your little fashion model in her creations and make a scrapbook together when you're done.

T-Shirt Loop Scarf

Preschoolers who love crafts made from recycled materials will be amazed at how their old T-shirts can be transformed into a colorful scarf. Cut loops measuring about 3/4 inch wide from the base of old T-shirts in the colors of your choice. Have your child wrap each loop around her hand several times before gently slipping it off and setting it on the table. This will create a loose circular shape. Join two of these shapes together with a colorful ribbon bow. Continue this process until the scarf has reached the desired length. If your preschooler would like beaded fringe at the end of the scarf, string pony beads onto thin ribbon strips. Tie each strip to the last link in the scarf until the fringe has reached the desired fullness.

Fleece Scarf with Beads

Making gifts for others is an excellent way to teach preschoolers about the importance of generosity. Cut polar fleece to measure 9 inches by 60 inches, then cut fringe strips at each end. Help your child tie pony beads onto the ends of the scarf in a color that coordinates with the fleece. If desired, cut hearts, handprints or flower shapes from felt and stitch them to the scarf with embroidery floss.

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