Teach your little ones about the letter "L" in a fun way.

Crafts for Toddlers With the Letter L

by Kelly Sundstrom

Do you try to teach your toddler letters in the alphabet, but she just doesn't seem that interested? It could be that you are making the lessons too boring. Let's face it, little children will not sit still while you lecture to them or read about grammar from a book. Make learning the alphabet fun by turning the lesson into a craft project. When learning about the letter "L," put together a few crafts related to that letter to illustrate your point.

Letter "L" Drawing and Stenciling

Although your little toddler may not be able to write the letter L in small handwriting, you can help her get a feel for the form of the letter by drawing it in large scale or using stencils to trace it. To draw a large letter L, get out big sheets of craft paper and block crayons, which are rectangular crayons that toddlers can hold in the palm of their hands. Hold on to your child's hand as you move the crayon across the paper to create a large L. If you decide to use a stencil, lay a large L-shaped stencil on top of construction or craft paper, and show your toddler how to color in the stencil to create an L on the paper.

Letter "L" Sculpting

As you may know all too well, toddlers love to play with play dough and non-toxic clay. Use this to your advantage by showing your little one how to create the letter L with her hands. Break off a piece of dough or clay, and place your hands on top of your toddler's to roll it back and forth, creating a long snake. Set the form aside, and do the same thing to create a second snake shape, making this one about half the size. Form the two snake shapes into a gigantic letter L on the top of a table or on any flat surface. If you decide to make an L with salt dough, you can let the dough L shape dry and paint it with tempera paint.

Letter "L" Books and Songs

Sometimes a toddler can get a good sense of how to recognize and sound out the letter L by listening to you read books or sing songs about the letter. Try to pick out books and songs that are only about the letter L, and not other letters, to avoid confusion. Options include "Leila at the Library and the Letter L" by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel and "AlphaTales Letter L: The Lamb Who Loved to Laugh" by Carol Pugliano-Martin. Or try letter L songs such as "L was a Lachrymose Leopard" by Carolyn Wells and "Letter L" by Edward Lear.

Letter "L" Paper Crafts

Use paper to create the letter L in different ways, which your toddler can play with or hang up on your refrigerator. To make a giant letter L, simply cut a rectangle out of a sheet of construction paper to leave behind an L shape. Let your toddler decorate the L shape using markers, crayons or glitter glue. Or, cut out a few paper L shapes out of different colors of construction paper, and allow your little one to paste the paper Ls onto a separate sheet of paper to create an L collage.

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