A 42-inch cutting deck can make short work of a moderate-sized yard.

Craftsman 27364 Mower Specifications

by Jasey Kelly

A riding mower is ideal for homeowners looking to cut down their mowing time and the pains of pushing a standard mower across the yard. Knowing the specifications of your mower can help you purchase any parts you may need, while also giving you valuable information for repairs. The model number 27364 is aligned with Craftsman's 2004/2005 DYT 4000 lawn tractor.

Engine and Transmission Specifications

The Craftsman DYT 4000 27364 mower has a Briggs & Stratton 503cc, one-cylinder gasoline engine that puts out 18.5 horsepower. The tractor's transmission is a Peerless 2000 hydrostatic, six-speed gear transaxle with infinite forward and reverse gears. The manual transmission is a two-wheel-drive, 4-by-2. Forward maximum speed is 5.5 miles per hour, while reverse tops out at 2.4.

Fuel and Oil Specifications

The Craftsman DYT 4000 27364 holds 4 gallons of gasoline fuel. The oil capacity of the lawn tractor is 1.75 quarts. The operator can use regular, unleaded gasoline with the tractor; SAE 30 oil is recommended when temperatures are above freezing and SAE 5W30 is recommended in the tractor when temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Battery, Starter and Spark Plug Specifications

The battery on this model of tractor features 12 volts, 230 cold-cranking amps and 28 amp hours. The tractor features an electric, 12-volt starter and a .030-inch spark plug gap. The spark plug is a Champion RC12YC.

Deck Specifications

This lawn tractor features a 42-inch mowing deck with two blades and manual lift. The deck is a mid-mount Craftsman mowing deck. The tractor's outside turning diameter is 133 inches. The March 2005 "Popular Mechanics'" review of the tractor states the cutting height is simple to set, while the power-takeoff button on the control panel easily engages the deck. The review goes on to state that the mower provides a "crisp, level cut."

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