Capture the green, leafy look of the rain forest for a jungle-themed hallway.

How to Create a Jungle-Themed Hallway

by Jan Burch

You can make an exotic haven in your home by creating a jungle-themed hallway. Jungle- and safari-themed home decor is widely available in looks ranging from playful to sophisticated and modern. Creating your hallway's jungle ambiance involves coordinating basic elements such as paint, carpet, wall decor and accessories into a unified design. These principles can work in any room, so you may be inspired to extend the jungle theme into other parts of your home.

Paint the walls a leafy- or moss-green color. Add a leafy border near the top of the walls with paint and stencils, or apply a wallpaper border with a leaf design. Alternatively, you could apply wallpaper or a jungle mural instead of paint. For a refined look, use bamboo-patterned wallpaper. For a playful look, use a jungle-themed mural designed for kids' rooms.

Place a carpet runner in an animal print, such as leopard or tiger, down the center of your hallway. A vine print carpet or natural seagrass runner also complements the jungle theme.

Install lighting that fits with the jungle theme. Sconces in a torch or lantern style offer a good choice.

Add wall art from the jungle. Search through the widely available posters and prints in art, hobby and craft stores that contain jungle and safari themes for your hallway. Bamboo or wood frames provide a unifying element for your hallway gallery. Masks, wall hangings and wall decals provide other ways to bring jungle imagery to your walls. Keep in mind that a few well-chosen pieces make a greater impact than a collection of smaller pieces.

Locate tropical plants through the hallway if you have room for them without blocking foot traffic. For example, tuck floor plants into a corner. Since most hallways don't have enough light for plant growth, you can use artificial plants to good effect. Choose silk plants representing jungle flora, such as palms, ferns, banana trees or rubber trees.

Items you will need

  • Paint or wallpaper
  • Runner carpet
  • Wall hangings, posters or framed pictures
  • Sconce lighting (optional)
  • Tropical silk plants (optional)

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