A restrained style and elegant fixtures can make any bedroom luxurious.

How to Create a Luxury Master Bedroom

by Amy Mosher

Bedrooms are often one of the most personalized rooms of the home. There are many ways to give any master bedroom a luxurious look and feel by using cool colors, high-end textiles and a monochromatic decorating scheme. Less is more in a bedroom, so keep accessories and patterns to a minimum to achieve an elegant ambiance. A carefully designed bedroom can feel like a calming retreat every day of the year.


Choose a cool color palette to create a space that looks and feels relaxed and serene. Hues such as sea glass blue, fern green and heather lavender are especially appropriate for a luxurious master bedroom. If you prefer neutrals, silver gray also makes a bedroom appear opulent and elegant. Use a light shade on all four walls or apply paint to three walls and a premium-quality, foil-accented, damask-pattern wallpaper to the focal-point wall behind the bed for visual drama. Add bedding and accessories that complement the color scheme by incorporating shades of the wall color for a monochromatic bedroom design.


Make the bed the focus of the master bedroom by using layers of premium linens. Add a simple dust ruffle to the bottom of the bed to hide the box springs. Select a solid hue a few values darker or lighter than the chosen wall color for a cohesive appearance. Create a spalike feel with white, high-thread-count sheets, which will give the bed a smoother texture and enhance the luxury of the space. Top the bed with a thick comforter featuring fabrics such as brocade, damask, silk or velvet. A comforter with cording, tassel or embroidery details will amplify the elegant feel of the room; pick one that furthers the space's monochromatic hue. Lay on top of the bed a myriad of decorative pillows in a variety of textures to complete the bedding with additional opulence.


Add different types of lighting to the master bedroom to enhance the luxurious theme. Hang a crystal chandelier on a high ceiling above the bed to emphasize it as the focal point of the room. Use crystal-accented electric sconces in a candlestick design on either side of the dresser wall to provide light to the dressing area. Wire the lights on a dimmer to provide lighting intensity choices. Place crystal-based lamps on nightstands on each side of the bed. Choose silk shades in a drum style to punctuate the room with a modern, elegant twist. Highlight the room with a tray of white candles to give the space a final romantic glow.


Accent the bedroom with accessories that add sparkle and shine. Hang a large mirror on the wall behind the bed to reflect natural light and make the room appear larger. A silver or Venetian frame will give the piece maximum visual impact. Group a collection of silver-plated photograph frames on a dresser and fill them with black-and-white images. Vary the heights and sizes for a pleasing arrangement. Place fresh flowers, such as roses, hydrangeas, lilacs or peonies, in silver mercury-glass vases on a bedside table for a fragrant crowning touch to the luxurious bedroom design.

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