Use cheerleaders' uniforms and gear as inspiration for your centerpiece.

How to Create a Varsity Cheerleading Centerpiece

by Kimberly Bartosch

A varsity cheerleading centerpiece is a decorative arrangement that reflects a cheerleader's school spirit and pride. These centerpieces can be used for several occasions, ranging from an upcoming sports banquet, awards ceremony to a celebration of a recent competition victory. A lively, distinctive centerpiece displays the squad's school colors, pompoms, mascots, megaphones and other cheerleading-themed accents.

Purchase pompoms, cheerleading megaphones, banners, tablecloths and confetti at a local party supply store in the squad’s school colors or in other neutral shades, such as black, white, gold and silver.

Lay solid-color tablecloths -- white, black or a school color -- on each table to create a backdrop for your centerpiece.

Sprinkle confetti stars, pompoms or other cheerleading-type images over the tablecloth. Scatter enough confetti on each end of the table surface -- avoid the center -- so they're visible after the centerpiece is set up.

Place large or medium-sized pompoms in a circle on the center of the table. Create an odd number of pompom circles -- this is where the megaphones will be placed -- for a balanced design.

Put the megaphones within the circle of pompoms, large-end down. Insert smaller pompoms on sticks within the opposite end along with any banners or other figurines and cutouts.

Arrange and set mascot stuffed animals or other accessories on the centerpiece. Re-arrange the centerpiece until it looks pleasing and cohesive.

Items you will need

  • Variety of pompoms: small, medium and large
  • School mascot stuffed animals, cutouts or figurines
  • Cheerleading megaphones
  • Confetti
  • Cheerleader profile cutouts
  • Banners
  • Tablecloths


  • As alternatives to megaphones, use colorful plastic buckets, flowerpots or candleholders to hold bouquets of pompoms, banners and cutouts.

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