Count down the days to intensify your excitement.

Creative Ways to Count Down 100 Days Until You Get Married

by Wannikki Taylor

Your big day will be here before you know it! As you and your partner anxiously anticipate the day when you will be pronounced husband and wife, relish in this exciting time in your lives by counting down the 100 days leading up to the wedding in any number of fun, creative ways.

Chain Countdown

A bridal-themed paper chain is a time-consuming, yet fun way to count down the days until your wedding ceremony. Cut 100 strips of paper from white construction paper. Decorate each strip with stickers, stamps and write you and your honey's names on them. Cut 100 strips that are slightly larger than the white strips from colored construction paper in your wedding colors. Paste each white strip to a colored strip. Glue the strips to each other to interlock like chains. You and your spouse-to-be can take turns removing a link each day until the big day.

Photo Countdown

You and your love will be smiling every day as you anticipate the arrival of your wedding day. Capture these special moments by taking pictures together. Create a theme for each day for the photos. For instance, you both can make funny faces, dress as celebrity couples or wear the same colored t-shirts. Print each day's photo and place a numbered sticker on top with the remaining amount of days. Write the theme for the day on the back of the photo. Place the photos, in order, in a photo album each day. The photo for Day 100 will be your wedding photo!

Love Note Countdown

Writing love notes will allow you and your husband-to-be to express your love for each other. Use adhesive notepads to write down 99 things you love about each other and fold each note in half. Find two old shoe boxes and wrap them in wedding-themed wrapping paper. Place each set of notes in separate boxes and place the lid on them. Label one box, "Mr." and the other box "Mrs." Each day, you can each take one note out of the box and read it aloud. The love notes will lead up to the reading of your vows on your wedding day.

Music Countdown

You and your man will share a special dance together at your wedding reception. In preparation for your intimate dance, prepare a play list with 99 soft-love ballads from diverse genres. Each day leading up to the wedding, play one of the songs to slow dance to. This will give both of you practice before you hit the dance floor. You can even include some of the songs for your wedding play list. Obviously, the song you dance to on Day 100 will be the song played at the reception during your first dance as husband and wife.

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