Driftwood salvaged from a beach provides a natural way to display jewelry.

Creative Ways to Display Jewelry

by Kathy Adams

If you enjoy wearing jewelry, it's easy to accumulate quite a bit of it. Storing and displaying can be a bit messy or cumbersome at times -- items such as necklaces and bracelets require hanging or otherwise storing in a way in which they don't become tangled. Displaying accessories rather than keeping them stashed away in jewelry boxes allows you to see what's on hand at a moment's notice as you're scrambling to get yourself and the kids dressed quickly as the day begins.


Wood in all its varieties and glory serves as an inexpensive jewelry display. Hunks of driftwood with a branch or two serve as means to hang necklaces, bracelets or even rings, if the branches are narrow enough. A potted tree branch, painted or left natural, adds decor to the room while providing plenty of twigs for hanging an entire jewelry collection. Fairy lights wrapped around the tree make the display even more bling-worthy, which may inspire your tween girl to want one for her room as well. A wooden shipping pallet hung from a wall gives you a place to hang necklaces between the slats. Hooks attached to the tops of slats provide a means for hanging small items, such as earrings, rings or bracelets.

Lamp Bases

Lamps are available aplenty from thrift stores, yard sales or perhaps your own attic and don't require electricity to function as jewelry display. A broken drum-style lampshade atop a repurposed lamp provides two hanging levels for necklaces or earrings once you've removed all the paper or fabric from the shade. Revamp the lamp base with a fresh coat of paint in a modern color such as apple green or bright orange or a color that goes well with your room. A kitchen colander turned upside down in place of a lampshade attaches to the lamp harp once a hole is drilled in the bottom of the colander. The holes in the colander provide plenty of room for narrow chains or earrings.

Repurposed Antiques

Damaged or broken antiques turn into steampunk or shabby-style jewelry displays with little or no modification. Ashtray stands from another area, sans ashtrays, provide a hollowed out framework from which to hang necklaces and bracelets. An old screen door with large squares of screening similar to hardware cloth serves as a vertical jewelry display when propped in a corner; add your own hardware cloth in place of missing screen for a clean hanging material. A large gear wheel from another era, held to the top of a microphone stand base with a nut, provides notched hanging areas for numerous jewelry pieces.

Vintage Sporting Equipment

Recreational sporting gear, such as badminton rackets, croquet sets or volleyball nets, are ubiquitous at yard sales and thrift stores. The strings on wooden tennis and badminton rackets hung from the walls provide a wall-hanging jewelry display fit for an adult, teen or tween's room. Ice skates hung from a coat rack hook also provide space for holding necklaces or bracelets; simply attach the items around the blades. A croquet set, either complete or with some missing pieces, creates a playful display for jewelry hung from the framework or wrapped around the heads of the mallets.

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