Share the news of your baby's gender in an unforgettable way.

Creative Ways to Show Your Family if You Are Having a Boy or Girl

by Lucie Westminster

The news of your pregnancy was likely one of the most memorable days of your entire life. A few months later, the ultrasound revealing your little one's gender made the experience that much more real and exciting. You can help give your family that same feeling of excitement as you creatively reveal the gender of your baby to be.

Baked Goods

Use various types of baked goods to reveal your baby's gender. For example, you can color the inside of a cake pink or blue with the use of a few drops of food dye added to your favorite vanilla cake batter. Ice the cake with a dark neutral icing to ensure there is no peeking before you cut the cake with all of your family members. Cupcakes lend themselves to this process, too. If you choose this method, ensure your cupcake liners are dark enough that nobody can see the cake color through the paper until they bite into the cake. If you prefer a more obvious route, bake cookies and ice them using blue or pink icing. Then, have your family members close their eyes and serve them a colored cookie all at the same time.


A game can be a creative way to reveal if you are having a boy or a girl. If your family loves playing charades together, act out having a boy or girl in the middle of your next game. The reveal will surely bring extra smiles to your family game night. You might also create a scavenger hunt before your family comes to your home. Hide clues around the house that lead to the final clue that reveals you are having a boy or girl, such as a picture of the ultrasound that showed your baby's gender.


Clothing provides another avenue to creatively tell your family if you are having a boy or girl. You and your partner might choose to wear pink or blue shirts hidden under a jacket or sweatshirt. When all your family arrives and you are ready for the reveal, each of you should remove your cover to display your pink or blue shirt. Another idea is to purchase a few onesies or baby socks in pink or blue prior to your party. Decorate regular brown lunch sacks with question marks and place your colored clothing item in the bags. Hand out the sacks and ask your family members to open them at the same time, revealing the gender of your newest addition.

Other Creative Ideas

If you are tech savvy, you can use a photo editing program to edit an ultrasound picture in some way, or you can take a picture with you, your partner and a pair of little baby shoes that make it clear whether you are having a boy or girl and send the picture to your family. If you have a dog, you can use Fido as a creative way to tell your family by teaching him to pick up a blue or pink toy when you say the command "Show me your new sibling."

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