Much like the real thing, craft cuckoo clocks come in all shapes and sizes.

Cuckoo Clock Crafts for Kids

by Jenivieve Elly

Cuckoo clocks are naturally fascinating to precious rug rats because they are silly and have moving parts. The real thing puts on a neat show every hour, which captures children's imagination as the little birdie moves in and out of its little hiding place. Luckily, there are a few not so challenging crafts that can encourage little ones to make their own pretend versions of the interesting clocks, which they can proudly display on a shelf or even the wall. The best part about the make-believe kind is that they can be wacky and out of the ordinary, making them even more fun for a learning toddler.

Paper Wall Clock

To make this project "tick," you must start from the ground up. Choose a solid, light-colored piece of construction paper to create the base of the clock. Turn it so that it is facing up and down (portrait), then place another darker piece lengthwise so that the two pieces roughly make a "T." Cut the top piece into an upside down triangle shape to make the roof. Place a round piece of construction paper in the center to form the face, and glue little hands onto it. Write the numbers 1 through 12 in the appropriate spots. Cut a flap in the top center of the clock and fold it open. Draw a tiny bird on the open flap to complete the task. Hang this craft high on the wall with a thumbtack.

Easy Cuckoo

Start with any color paper, then trace the rough outline of a house on it with a pencil. Have your little one cut out the shape of the house with safety scissors. Grab an old coffee can and trace the bottom of it onto another, different-colored piece to make the face. Have your little one copy the numbers into the appropriate place on the face. Cut out and glue hands at a set time. Though it would be fun to use a brad or fastener, those can be hazardous to little ones. Now design a small birdie and make a small paper flap for it to hind behind like a door. Glue both just above the face of the clock and you're all ready to go.

Milk Carton Cuckoo

Sure, it may be rare to actually find milk in a carton anymore, but stranger things have happened. In fact, many brands of organic milk come in cartons still, so you may be in luck. Take a basic tall milk carton and cover the bottom section in construction paper. Cover the top of the “roof section” with a color more befitting of a roof, such as brown. Cut out a circle to create the face on the front. Guide your little one as she creates the hands with markers or crayons. Cut a square flap in the top center, leaving the bottom side of the square connected. Cut out the rough outline of a bird in another color, then attach it to the flap so that the bird is upright. Your child can decorate this free-standing clock any way she desires.

Cereal Box Cuckoo

Cereal is overpriced, and goes way too quickly. One thing to soften the blow is to re-use the box for something awesome like a homemade cuckoo clock craft. Simply cover with construction paper. Cut out a circle from another piece of scrap packaging to create the face. Draw or glue on some hands to paste into the center of one side. Have your little one decorate the clock by hand with markers or crayons. Search high and low for a tiny picture of a bird in a magazine or newspaper. Cut it out while she is decorating the box. Cut a small square opening in the top center of the clock, leaving the bottom flap. Glue the picture of the bird upright to a small piece of cardboard so that it shows through the opening in the clock.

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