It is possible to rebuild your connection.

How to Cure Emotional Distance

by Lucy Hart

Despite how happy many couples are, there may come a time when they experience emotional distance. Numerous factors can lead to emotional distance, including cultural differences, conflict and situational stress. Over time, couples may feel that the distance is too great to cross, forcing them to retreat emotionally. Although emotional distance can be discouraging, there are ways for couples to overcome it and rebuild their relationships.

Use Caution

Everyone communicates differently. If you are an established couple, chances are you know your partner’s communication style. Try to avoid saying anything that you know will evoke anger or make your partner feel uncomfortable. If you would like to discuss a serious matter with your partner, choose an appropriate time to talk about it. When discussing the matter, speak to your partner patiently; this will diffuse his desire to withdraw from the conversation. If both parties feel safe and respected, they are more likely to continue communicating, resulting in a more intimate relationship.

Be Open

Clear communication is a vital part of all relationships. Honestly share your feelings with your partner. If you sense emotional distance, discuss why you might be having this feeling. Provide an opportunity for your partner to respond. It is okay if your partner does not share the same perception. Both parties should openly discuss what they need from one another to maintain a healthy relationship.


As you attempt to re-connect with your partner, release any resentment you have toward her. Both parties should allow themselves to heal by forgiving one another for past occurrences. Dismissing anger and resentment will help you connect to your significant other, helping to diminish the emotional distance.

Take Small Steps

Achieving emotional intimacy requires more than a few conversations and forgiveness. Both partners should continue working toward a deeper, more satisfying relationship. Stay involved with each other to rebuild your connection. Make time to go on dates with one another. Participate in shared activities, keep the lines of communication open, and work on improving your physical relationship. It is important for partners to continue taking small steps toward intimacy, allowing one another to adjust to the new parameters of the relationship.

Take the Time

Rebuilding an intimate relationship takes time and effort. Understand that rebuilding your relationship will be both challenging and rewarding. Be patient with yourself and your partner as you work to improve your connection. Take the time to understand what your partner desires, yet try not to overwhelm each other with demands and expectations.

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