Curriculum books include art and craft activities that reinforce preschool-level skills.

Curriculum Books for Preschool

by Melissa Gagnon

"Why do bugs fly?" and "What makes leaves red?" are just two examples of the myriad of questions you may get from your inquisitive, preschool-aged child each day. If you are looking for ways to engage your child in some playful learning experiences, there are many great ideas in curriculum books geared for preschool levels. From literacy activities to holiday crafts, there is sure to be something that will satisfy your child's thirst for learning about the world around her.


Singing the ABCs, making play dough letters and "writing" on the chalkboard may be some popular activities in your home these days. Preschoolers are ready to learn about letters and their sounds, and want to practice writing on their own. If you are looking for some pre-writing practice such as tracing, connect-the-dots and letter recognition, "School Zone Preschool Books" offers big workbooks that keep your child's little hands busy. "A to Z Early Childhood Curriculum: Activities, Patterns, Reproducibles and More" by Sherril B. Flora is packed with curriculum ideas for early literacy. The songs, fingerplays and games will reinforce letter sounds and recognition, introduce upper and lowercase letters, and encourage your child's interest in language.


If muddy handprints and lumps of play dough are a tell-tale sign that your preschooler has been in the room recently, it may be time to invest in some science curriculum books. "Mudpies to Magnets: A Preschool Curriculum Book" by Robert A. Williams provides messy, indoor or outdoor, creative and intuitive activities to pique your little scientist's curiosity. The instructions are clear and the topics range from nature to health to measurement. "Science Play: Beginning Discoveries for 2-6 Year Olds" by Jill Frankel Hauser is another activity-filled curriculum resource. This book includes pictures and sidebar notes for adults to make sure they are smarter than a preschooler.


Your preschooler counts the cars that you pass while driving down the road, lines up his trains and counts them daily, and constantly asks you to count the number of peas in his bowl. It may be time to introduce some creative math activities to your little mathematician. "School Zone Preschool Books" provides activities for number recognition, counting, shapes and colors, patterning and sequencing. "Preschool Math" by Robert Williams is for the busy little minds who can't seem to sit still. It has hands-on activities that teach math skills using manipulatives that you can easily find around the house. The concepts apply to daily life so they'll keep your child's interest.

Social Studies

"Why doesn't Sarah celebrate Christmas?" may seem like a difficult question for you to answer for your preschool-aged child, but with "Social Studies for the Preschool/Primary Child" by Carl Seefeldt, you may find an activity that will help you out. The eighth edition includes a section on diversity, other cultures and their values to help your child celebrate people's differences. It also provides activities to help your child understand the government and civics. This book will inform, teach and enlighten both you and your child as you incorporate social studies lessons into your daily routine.

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