The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton arrives at the Machan Express Coffee Bar in a white and blue ensemble.

Cute Blue and White Outfit Ideas

by Rebecca Walton

Blue and white is one of the most universal color combinations. Throughout history, the colors have been defined to represent people, places and ideas. If you want to come up with your own outfit ideas, draw from the things that inspire you -- fashion icons, vacation spots, holidays -- all of which represent specific images inside the recesses of your mind. Take from those images and create your daily fashion, head-to-toe look.

A Pop of Color

Colorblock your navy blue dress and white jacket with a pop of color, giving your look the right amount of dazzle and panache appropriate for casual and informal occasions.

Add a little flirt to your business-casual look. Arrive at a conference or reception wearing a navy blue, capped-sleeve, silk wrap dress paired with a white, fitted, collarless cocktail jacket. Top off your ensemble with a pop of yellow, turquoise, fuchsia or red accessories -- especially red. Think ruby red stiletto heels or jewelry.

It's all Light Blue

White and light blue in any hue is a beautiful ode to one of nature's most tranquil amenities -- the sky. A general color combo you see on beaches or popular summer vacation spots, light blue and white is seen in swimsuits, cocktail parties, shopping malls and more.

Headed out for an evening cocktail on the beach? Don a sparkly or studded baby blue, tank-sleeve flare blouse with white capri pants and taupe wedges. This look is fancy and carefree, appropriate for any breezy night and warm-light event.

Nautical Couture

Giant white and blue collars and stripes don't stop trending. Try a blue-and-white striped maxi dress paired with taupe stiletto strappy sandals on a first date. It's different and chic, letting him know you're not the average girl.

Take your kids to the zoo in a blue sailor romper with a white butterfly collar and two white stripes on the hem. Accessorize your look with a white or taupe wide-brim hat; and oxford-style blue, white or taupe wedges.

Prints, Paisley and Polka Dots

Blue and white prints are fun and express your personality. A blue, paisley-print boyfriend jacket over a stretchy white camisole and a white lace pencil skirt adds a little conservative charm to your blatant sex appeal. A polka-dot babydoll dress paired with taupe platform oxfords speaks volumes for your high-fashion flair. Be sure to let everyone know how quirky you are with your tribal print, blue and white skirt paired with your yellow oversized sweater.

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