Origami birds serve as playful and lightweight ceiling decor.

Cute Stuff to Hang From the Ceiling for Decor

by Kathy Adams

When you decide to decorate your house, you may overlook the ceiling and the unused space in the couple of feet beneath it. This often-forgotten open area is valuable decor space for those items that just don't seem to fit anywhere else, or for adding an airy or festive vibe to the room, depending on the decor you choose.

Handmade Paper Objects

Origami and objects made from paper lend themselves to hanging from a ceiling, since they're lightweight and may twist or move in the slightest breeze. Origami swans of different sizes or colors, hung from fishing line, emulate the effect of birds flying overhead. Butterflies made from construction paper, suitable for a child's project, create an imaginative environment for a room enjoyed by children. Tape or a screw eye hook holds the line in place, or if the ceiling is a drop ceiling, tie the line to the metal framework between ceiling panels.

Twigs or Branches

At first thought, hanging twigs or branches from the ceiling may sound odd, but doing so creates an outdoorsy, otherworldly vibe for the space, depending on the approach. Tie branches or twigs to fishing line at either end so the bits hang relatively straight. Attach felt birds to or near the branches for added effect. The twigs can also be painted all one color, such as white or apple green, for an interesting twist. You can add small strings of fairy lights or streamers of ribbon to make them even more decorative. Leaves made from construction paper embellish the branches as well.

Stuffed Animals

A child, or even a young adult, often accumulates an abundance of stuffed animals. Small creatures are lightweight enough to hang from small hooks in the ceiling using fishing line, with a safety pin serving as a hook in each animal for tying the line. Arrange animals at different heights in groupings for a playful effect.


Mobiles and ceilings go hand in hand -- make your own from craft wire or coat hanger wire, fishing line and your choice of baubles for the balancing elements on the mobile: toy action figures, necklace pendants or even small bits of mirror. Add translucent beads over the fishing line to make the mobiles even more colorful. Toy or seasonal elements from a discount store serve as inexpensive mobile supplies, allowing you to create anything from skull and pumpkin mobiles, to toy airplanes or silk flower mobile decor.

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