Creatively cover closet doors and openings.

Cute Ways to Cover a Closet

by Alec Preble

Every house and apartment has closets, and they're usually covered with generic-looking doors. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for generic-looking decor. You can add an element of style to doors or door openings, either to create a new focal point in a room or for functional or practical purposes.


In the absence of doors, curtains are a versatile option for covering a closet. Choose complimentary mounting hardware and tie-backs. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the closet opening and install the rods so the curtains will just touch the floor. Install tie-backs on either or both sides of the closet door opening. Keep the curtains closed or tied back when not in use, depending on the contents of the closet and the aesthetic you're looking for.

Photo Collage

Use solid closet doors to display photographs in the form of a photo collage. Choose a variety of photographs and tape them to the door with masking tape until you are satisfied with the placement. One by one, remove the photographs from the door, apply a coat of an all-in-one craft glue and sealer to the backs and paste the photos to the door. Allow the entire project to dry according to package directions, then paint another coat over the top of the photographs. The sealer will dry clear, securing and protecting the collage.

Fashion Spotlight

If you're visually-stimulated and like to mix and match your wardrobe to create new outfits, consider using closet doors as a fashion display. Install plastic or metal hooks to the exterior of the doors at varying heights. Hang dresses, tops, pants, jewelry, handbags and other accessories on the hooks to create an outfit or clothing collage. Choose pieces that correspond with your room decor and leave as-is, or swap out items while you decide what to wear.


Update boring closet doors with wallpaper that matches or compliments your room decor. Measure the area to be covered and cut a piece of pre-pasted wallpaper to size. Submerge the strip in a few inches of water and allow it to sit until the paste turns to a gel-like consistency. Remove the wallpaper and apply it to the closet door. Line up the edges and smooth the paper with a wallpaper brush to remove all bubbles. Wipe the paper dry gently with a towel and allow it to dry overnight.


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