A teen's jewelry and fashion is a form of personal expression.

Cute Ways to Hang Necklaces in a Teenager's Room

by Lorna Hordos

Necklaces become a jumbled mess when they’re not kept separated. Although the time spent helping your teenager untangle a knot of stringed beads or chains likely passes for quality time, time spent together discovering ways to hang the jewelry and keep it tangle-free is more productive. Teens appreciate storage that is smartly creative and cute, but 'cute' in ways far different from those of a time when they still constructed homes from cardboard boxes and roads through sand.

In a Frame

Your teen's favorite jewelry is probably as precious to her as fine art, so why not display it that way. Frames come in every design imaginable, from oval and ornate to square and streamlined -- no doubt, you can help your teenager find something that suits her taste. You teenager may appreciate a collage. Group various frames together on the wall for a look of organized chaos. Then use suction-cup-style hooks on the wall inside each frame to showcase her masterpieces.

Casually Draped

Casual design is right up a teen’s alley, so keep things simple. Consider a bedside lamp with arms or a funky-shaped base on which your young adult can use to drape his necklaces. Another option is to mount charismatic knobs, such as antique doorknobs or vintage glass pulls along the frame of a mirror or picture as hangers for strands of beads or necklace chains. Even the bulbs of a string of Christmas lights strung across the wall or along a headboard can act as hooks for lightweight necklaces.

On a Coat Rack

Turn a simple coatrack with multiple coat hooks into a custom jewelry station using paint and glaze. Choose a coatrack made from natural wood without a finish so that it won’t require sanding to make the paint adhere. You may find one that is fine as is, but then you would miss out on the time spent with your teen exploring painting techniques, such as one that resembles leather or something with the look of wear. Add cute final additions to adorn the jewelry hanger -- stamped or hand-painted butterflies, flowers or peace signs, depending on your teen's interests. If the rack has a shelf above -- all the better -- she can use it as a place to keep her bangles and earrings.

Over Branches

Mother Nature offers a storehouse of awesome design elements. As decor, branches provide bohemian chicness that is often favored by young adults of each gender. Choose berry branches, curly willow or weathered driftwood with plenty of twiggy bits as the hooks. Spray paint the branches black, white, a sweet pastel or a vivid hue to go with the room. Or keep it real -- and keep insects at bay -- with a coat of clear sealer. Staple, screw or nail branches horizontally or vertically to the wall as a necklace hanger. Hang only one branch in a handy location, such as over the dresser or near the vanity, or create the idea of a chair rail across an entire wall, about one-third of the way up from the floor -- the more necklaces your teenager has, the more branches required.

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