Adding light to a holiday wreath creates a warm, inviting glow.

Cute Ways to Hang a Wreath

by Erin Maurer

One of the most iconic symbols of the holiday season is an evergreen wreath tied with a red bow. While we may associate wreaths with the winter holidays, they make excellent seasonal decor. Floral wreaths add color and texture to spring and summer decorating, while the colors of autumn leaves make for a beautiful fall wreath. While the front door may be traditional, it is not the only place to hang your wreath.

In the Bedroom

Wreaths are not just for exterior holiday decor. Bring a little seasonal decor to the bedroom by hanging a wreath or two. Make a focal point by hanging a wreath over the headboard, or even instead of a headboard, suggests Caroline Inge of Home Depot. Self-adhesive hooks let you easily hang wreaths on nearly any interior surface. Dress up a bedroom chair by hanging a wreath on the chair’s back. Thread smaller wreaths onto pieces of ribbon to hang from the foot of the bed, recommends Angela Ingo of the Imagine Cozy design blog.

On the Windows

Wreaths offer excellent ways to dress up windows. Fill your home with holiday cheer by hanging a wreath on the outside of your windows. Look for window-hanging wreath kits to hold exterior wreaths in place. The inside of windows also frame a wreath beautifully, according to Home Depot’s style experts. Choose a wide ribbon that will allow light to pass through, thread the ribbon through the wreath’s center and tie in a knot to create a large loop. Hang the ribbon loop on the window’s lock or from an adhesive hook attached to the upper window casing. On sunny days, the wreath becomes a silhouetted window adornment.

Not Just the Front Door

Doors are perhaps the most traditional places to hang a wreath. An elegant wreath on the front door gives your home a simple, welcoming feel. When choosing a front-door wreath, do not forget about your other exterior doors. Consider adding an extra-large wreath to the garage door. Just remember to check that roll up doors have enough clearance or remove the wreath before opening the garage door.

In the Kitchen

In the kitchen, consider swapping out a classic evergreen wreath for one made from fresh, edible herbs. An herb wreath becomes both beautiful and functional when hung in the kitchen. Wreaths studded with citrus fruits or pears also work well in kitchen decor. Consider hanging the kitchen wreath on the inside of a kitchen door. You can also suspend a wreath on the kitchen wall or over the sink as a nature-inspired art piece. Ingo recommends using wide ribbons to hang wreaths on the outside of cabinet doors. Choose a ribbon that complements the fabrics already used in the kitchen.

Frame it Out

Turn your favorite wreath into an artistic focal point by adding a simple frame. Luckily, you probably already have some framed items in your home for your project. Framed mirrors, or built-in mirrors above a mantle are excellent bases for framed wreaths. Use a double magnetic wreath hanger to hang a wreath over 8 pounds, suggests ProFlowers floral experts. For a lighter wreath, use self-adhesive or suction cup hooks to secure your wreath to the mirror. You could also add a wreath to the interior of an empty frame using a self adhesive hook meant for painted surfaces.

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