Minimize clutter to keep your tot safe.

Dangers for Toddlers in a Cluttered House

by Kathryn Hatter

You never know what’s going to catch your toddler’s eye. Toddlers need all the help they can get to stay safe as they start toddling around. The more clutter in your home, the more likely it will be that he’ll find something dangerous. A cluttered house spells danger for toddlers so get it childproofed for your kid’s safety.


Toddlers are experts at finding objects that are dangerous or unsuitable for play. The more items and clutter you have in your home, the more likely you are to have items that your toddler shouldn’t have. As your little one gets mobile and starts exploring your home, do a complete sweep of every room to eliminate clutter. Items to remove or childproof include cords, wastebaskets, objects on countertops within reach, cleansers and chemicals, small items that present choking hazards, and pet dishes. Although it might seem bare for a while, an uncluttered home is a safer environment for a toddler. Once she gets a little older and learns self-control and limits, you can bring out some of your stuff again and teach her not to touch.

Tripping Hazards

A mishmash of clutter throughout the house can be hard for anyone to navigate, but that condition can spell disaster for little people. Toddlers aren’t all that steady anyway -- if you make it even harder for them by leaving clutter and messes to trip over, they could get hurt. Eliminate the possibility of unnecessary bumps and bruises by performing frequent clutter control throughout the rooms where your little one hangs out. With a clean sweep of tripping hazards, you’ll make it easier to walk in rooms.

Toy Storage

Use kid-friendly toy storage methods for several reasons. First, when your child can access toys, she can learn how to get them out and put them away by herself. This fosters independence and teaches good clean-up habits. Secondly, toys that are stowed neatly on shelves and in bins will stay where you put them. A teetering stack of games and toys can come crashing down on a little head as she tries to reach something. This also avoids encouraging her to climb to reach something out of her reach, which could lead to nasty bumps.

Unhealthful Clutter Critters

Mountains of clutter can be hiding spots for microbes. Depending on where the clutter is, this could be mold and fungus in a moist environment or it could be dust in a dry environment. A cluttered bathroom with bath toys and shampoo bottles can be filled with mold and fungus. A bedroom or playroom full of too much clutter can be a dust-bunny bonanza. Either way, if your toddler disturbs the clutter and inhales the mold or dust, it could affect his health. If your tot has allergies or asthma, these allergens can set off asthmatic or allergic symptoms in your child.


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