Successfully dating a genius requires many of the same ingredients as dating anyone else.

How to Date a Genius

by Linda Emma

It’s not the differences you have, but rather what you have in common that makes a successful relationship. The fact that your significant other is a rocket scientist doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle. Geniuses aren’t good at everything. They’re just really, really smart. As long as you’re confident with who you are and what you can bring to your relationship, you can date anyone you find compatible --even if his IQ is in the stratosphere.

Yin and Yang

Sheldon Cooper, from the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," is an awesome -- albeit exaggerated -- example of what geniuses often lack. Just because your potential mate may be able to solve world problems with his thought processes doesn’t mean he can solve his own. Many really bright people lack common sense and have a tough time navigating the nuances of interpersonal relations. That’s where you come in. While your beau may be able to introduce you to the world of physics, you might be able to teach him a thing or two about social graces. Be confident that you are a great person and that you are both lucky to have found one another, and you’ll bring as much to your relationship as you receive.

Find Common Ground

The notion that opposites attract may be a bit misguided. You have to have something in common if your relationship is going to stand the test of time. Perhaps you both like to cook, travel or ski. Find things you both like to do and do them together. But be willing to tailor even what you have in common. For example, you might discover you are able to enjoy the same museum, just looking at different exhibits within it. Or perhaps neither of you has ever tried scuba diving, but you’re both curious enough to give it a shot. Just remember, if it’s fun for you but a disaster for him, you might need to try another hobby.

Be Honest

Good relationships live and die with honesty or its lack thereof. If you can’t be honest about your feelings -- even your insecurities about dating a genius -- you won’t be able to handle the challenges of dating a genius. Use conversation, and lots of it, to find out not only what your mate thinks, but also what he feels. You need to know what his beliefs are and to be certain they align with your own. And you need to honestly explain what’s important to you in your relationship and in your life.

Be Respectful

Respect -- for your mate and yourself -- is also an imperative component of a successful relationship. You have to give and receive respect. Just because he’s smarter than you in some areas does not give him the right to condescend to you. Same goes for you. If he commits the occasional social faux pas, you don’t get to make him feel like an idiot.

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