Dating a grad student requires patience.

How to Date a Grad Student

by S. Grey

Dating a graduate-school student can be intellectually stimulating, but it requires patience. Grad-school schedules can be lengthy and daunting. When they aren't in class, these students often study or work on research, leaving little time for dating. If you are patient, you can build a lasting relationship with a grad-school student. And once she has graduated, financial security and time-management skills come with her, creating a better life for both of you and making a life together worth the wait.

Stolen Moments

Despite busy schedules, there are times when graduate students are free. Use these times to set and schedule dates. You can plan in advance or carve out times for impromptu dates. Encourage your grad student to let you know when she is available. Seeing you can break up the academic monotony of her academically challenging life. Practicing this skill while your partner is in grad school can help you use small amounts of time for romantic adventures in a future marriage.

Be Patient

Grad-school schedules are made up of more than class hours, because time is often dedicated to research, writing and studying. There may be days when you and your romantic partner cannot get together, especially around heavy times in the semester such as midterms or finals week. If a lack of time together is an issue, voice your concerns with your partner and devise a way to spend more time together. Otherwise, hang on and bear with her as she works on her academic life. When she is done with school-related challenges, she will appreciate your respect of her and her education.

Use Quiet Times

If you are in school like your partner, use study time to be together. While she is studying, you can get caught up in classes. If you aren't in school, you can read or do another quiet activity. Being together in silence provides the opportunity to practice how to be in the same room while you are not doing the same thing. If you get married, you and your spouse may not do everything with each other, so it is important to get accustomed to being together while enjoying separate interests.

Future Benefits

Once your grad student is out of school, you can enjoy more time together. You can make plans without having to accommodate a hectic academic schedule. You will also likely enjoy more financial security. Graduate students, especially those with doctorate degrees, often find financial security in their fields of study. More money means being able to pay bills more easily and being able to experience more things together like vacations and romantic dinners out. Sticking by a grad student can be daunting, but remember that it can lead to considerable benefits, for both of you, in the future.

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