He may have told many women that he has eyes only for them.

How to Date a Womanizer

by Kristen Moutria

If you are interested in dating a womanizer, you must accept the fact that the man you are seeing is likely not interested in a long-term, committed relationship, even if he appears to be. Jane Garapick, a relationship expert, reports on the Huffington Post that a womanizer possesses a few typical traits: he has a reputation for being a "player," he is over the top with romance and he moves quickly in a relationship, only to end it after a short time. Although the man you have your heart set on may be charming, you must take caution to avoid getting your heart broken.

Be Wary of What He Tells You

A womanizer will tell you all sorts of things that may be very flattering, but the truth is that he knows what to say to get a specific reaction out of you. Garapick states that a womanizer will seem too good to be true, and that you will probably hear a little voice in your head telling you that he has said the same things to many other women. Although you may want to believe what he says, be wary, because he may be telling you what you want to hear rather than how he really feels.

Move Slowly in Your Relationship

Garapick reports that a womanizer tends to move quickly in a relationship, and may make promises about your future together shortly after you have begun dating. To avoid being hurt, be cautious about what you reveal about yourself. He may tell you that you are the woman of his dreams before you have been with him for a week, and he may want to talk to you for hours on the phone just days after you have met. Instead of allowing him to determine the pace of your relationship, move slowly, and let him know when you must get off the phone or that you do not feel comfortable saying "I love you" just yet.

Beware of Manipulation

A womanizer is a manipulator, and you do not want someone attempting to control your emotions. Robert Hare, author of "Without Conscience" and a professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia, says in the article "Field Guide to the Cassanova" that womanizers tend to exhibit some traits that are associated with psychopathy. He may pay attention to you, and then as you try to stop him from moving too quickly in your relationship, completely shift his attention to something else and leave you feeling alone.

Expect Insecurity

Although the womanizer you are dating may seem confident, the truth is, his behavior is likely linked to deep-rooted insecurity. Jed Diamond, psychotherapist and author of "The Irritable Male," says in "Field Guide to the Cassanova" that a serial seducer likely grew up with an absent father, and his lack of a respectable father figure may make him insecure about his acceptability. Instead of letting a womanizer get you down or make you feel not as beautiful as other women, recognize that his actions are caused by his own self-doubt and confusion.

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