His body language may be the key to his heart.

How to Decode Your Partner's Body Language When Sitting

by Alana Vye

Reading your partner's body language is a sure-fire way to decipher what he is actually thinking, according to doctor of personality psychology Jeremy Nicholson in "Psychology Today." Nonverbal communication tends to be much more honest in how it represents a person's feelings than what a person actually says -- partially because our limbic system stems from the same part of our brain that love does, says body language expert Joe Navarro in his book, "What Every Body Is Saying." By reading your partner in this way, you can see how much and what kind of emotional effect you have on him, whether you are seeking to see if he likes you, loves you, or even if he wants to marry you.

He's Comfortable With You

If his body language appears comfortable, then that is a great sign. Navarro mentions in "What Every Body Is Saying" that signs of comfort include relaxed eye contact, leaning toward you and pointing his torso and feet in your direction. Nicholson adds that his legs and arms might be uncrossed or that his palms may be palm-upwards. Smiling is another sure-fire sign that he is comfortable. Navarro adds that the body shows definite signs when the person is genuinely comfortable -- the eyebrows arch, the facial muscles relax, and a person extends his arms in welcome.

He's Hiding Something

Nervous behavior is normal on a first-date but if it continues, this may be a sign he is hiding something according to Navarro via "Elle magazine." If he keeps his hands under the table instead of on the table, he may have a secret. Surprisingly enough, constant eye contact might also be a bad sign. Liars know that maintaining eye contact is essential to appearing honest, so a liar may stare to compensate. If he is blinking more than six to 10 times a minute, that is also a sign of a lie. Finally, often people react to situations with a series of gestures. For example, if he avoids a question while touching his knee, or if he looks away, or grabs his neck and you know this is common behavior when he is lying, your question might be more loaded than you think. Body language expert Patti Wood adds that liars tend to deliver longer pauses and shorter answers and they look to the right. People look to the right when they want to come up with a new response and look to the left when they are remembering something in the past, says Wood. They will also fidget too much or look overly controlled and expressionless -- practiced liars know how to react so that he does not give anything away.

He's Just Not That Into You

If your partner is not into you, his body language is a dead giveaway. According to Nicholson, he might lean or point his feet away from you, keep his legs crossed, sit palms down or with closed hands, constantly itch or scratch his nose, grimace, rub the back of his neck, or turn his eyes away. Navarro adds that he might either constantly break eye contact or stare at you openly. He also mentions that couples who do not touch or walk close together or even who only touch each other with their fingertips means that discomfort is present. This type of behavior means that a serious problem exists in the relationship, even if everything appears rosy on the surface. Often, issues manifest first through body language. Play close attention not only to how he acts with you but how you relate to one another physically -- it could be telling.

His Words Don't Match His Actions

Watch closely to see if your mate's words match up with his body language--his gestures may be showing you something he will not say, says Navarro via "Elle magazine.” If he says that he enjoyed spending time with you while looking or leaning away then he may be lying. The same is true if he tends to say "yes" while shaking his head, meaning that this sign is actually “no." His smile is another tip-off. If he just smiles with his lips, it's fake but if it reaches his eyes and makes the corners crinkle then he is genuinely happy. Navarro adds that feeling love for another person causes people to mirror the behavior of our beloved, for blood to flow to and puff up the lips, and for the pupils to dilate. These signals are difficult to mimic, and if they appear, then it is pretty much a sure thing that your beloved harbors genuine feelings for you.

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