Clear acrylic blends with a minimalist setting or monochromatic scheme.

How to Decorate With Acrylic Furniture

by Lorna Hordos

With active kids bustling around, the walls of even a good-sized home can seem like they're creeping inward. The transparency of acrylic furniture makes any size home appear larger and airier. And durable acrylic furniture withstands standard family use -- it’s used as protective patio railings, after all. Even with its modern appeal, decorating with practically invisible furniture allows you more design freedom and style choices beyond "contemporary."

A Living Room Show-Off

In the living room, an acrylic coffee table lets you show off an interesting rug or look through to a color-rich couch. A clear side table placed near a window will not hinder daylight or distract a view. Accessories that pop -- a bright red lamp or turquoise-painted basket, for example -- give your low-key tables presence. If you prefer subtly colored or crystal or glass elements, create separation with a table runner or linen mats.

Dining Room Details

The dinner table is often where the day is shared, and secrets -- and food -- are spilled. Acrylic chairs are not only easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth, warm water and a little dish soap, but they also provide a fresh edge to a large, rustic, harvest or family-worn table. No matter how many chairs encircle your dining table, translucent ones won’t visually clutter the space. Tie fabric seat pads -- in a solid or patterned hue that accents or complements the space -- to the chairs as a whimsical, “floating” aspect.

Home Sweet Home Office

The place where you sit down to organize family affairs, pay bills or help with homework is often an overlooked one. If space allows, place two identical desks back to back in the center of the room or along a wall to increase efficiency. The desks’ transparency downplays the largeness of such an arrangement. Stand a room divider between the desks or place the desks on opposite walls, if separation is the key. Use colorful touches -- bright mini bins, striped mouse pads and silk gerberas -- for impact.

Out and About

The shine of bounced light off translucent furniture makes it attractive outdoor decor. Use clear acrylic nesting tables on the front porch to display seasonal decor, from potted mums to jack ‘o lanterns, or to hold cold drinks. Pair them with rattan lounge chairs or antique wooden kitchen chairs with crackled paint for visual contrast. When it’s time for a change, give your acrylic furniture a coat of acrylic paint to take it from clear to any color imaginable.

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