An oval sunken bathtub is visually lowvimpact and offers a simple way to relax.

How to Decorate Around an Oval Sunken Bathtub

by Aiden Summer

The ease of slipping into a sunken bathtub and the simplicity and low visual impact of its silhouette makes it a serene and luxurious addition to any bathroom. Decorate around an oval sunken bathtub by selecting soft, natural objects, and echo the shape and curves of its oval form throughout the rest of the room. Soft lighting and care towards detail go a long way in creating a relaxing and peaceful bathing experience.

Water and Earth

A sunken bathtub most often evokes a natural spring or pool, and is nicely offset surrounded by natural materials such as wood and stone. Consider a border of inlaid natural stone or cedar paneling around the tub to soak up excess water. If this is unfeasible, a cedar or stone mat can be placed at the entrance to the tub for a similar effect.

Frame the Oasis

Frame your bathtub with interesting objects to give it a stronger visual impact. Surrounding it with plants is a kid-friendly way to create a calming atmosphere. Make sure to choose varieties that can withstand extra moisture. If you prefer not to have plants, consider sculptural items including vases, bowls and statuettes in unbreakable waterproof materials such as plastics or stone. Look for pieces with natural curves and forms rather than linear or geometric shapes, and stick to two or three pieces at most to avoid clutter.

Echo the Curves

To match the lines of your tub and maintain the serene effect of the tub's shape, keep the rest of the decor soft and avoid sharp edges or angles. Echo the oval shape of the bathtub in other parts of the room, using pieces such as an oval-shaped mirror, sink or rug. Choose decorative items with curved or natural forms, including arched light fixtures.

Contour With Light

Layered lighting helps create a perfect atmosphere for a sunken bathtub. If the tub is near a window, use adjustable window screens to allow for varying levels of natural light and privacy. Use recessed can lighting overhead or a vertical wall sconce, and add a dimmer to create a relaxing experience that is adjustable. Avoid harsh wattage, and don't install lamps or other forms of lighting with exposed wiring near the tub.

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