Green plants add serenity to a balcony.

How to Decorate Your Balcony for Relaxation

by Kathy Russell

If you want make a relaxing balcony getaway, think about your five senses: hear, touch, taste, smell and see. Focus on the senses that you find the most relaxing, then decorate your balcony to emphasize them. Even a small balcony can be turned into a secluded spot that's pleasing to your primary senses.

Wind and Water -- Hear

If you live in a noisy urban environment, you might not have the luxury of a quiet balcony. Decorate with a wall fountain to cover the crazy chaos outside the balcony with calm, bubbling water sounds. The soft tinkle of wood wind chimes is another calming sound. Include the kids in a project to make your own. They might also want to spend time quietly listening to their own handmade creations.

Temperature -- Touch

If your balcony is in the sun, shade it to keep it cooler. Hang a bamboo or canvas shade or put up an umbrella. Pick something that will add color or decor that is natural. If you have a ceiling and own your house or apartment, you can install an outdoor patio ceiling fan. If you aren't able to install a fan, find a retro-inspired fan to help keep you cool on warm days. Just make sure to unplug it and take it back inside before any stormy weather if it is not weatherproof.

Urban Garden -- See, Smell and Taste

Having potted plants will help keep the temperature down and be a relaxing pastime for you on the balcony. Select herbs like basel, rosemary and mint to give the balcony a calming aroma, as well as flowers to give you a colorful view. Grow strawberries or tomatoes for treats while you're relaxing. If growing plants stresses you out because you don't have a green thumb, give succulents a try. They're a hearty plant species that loves heat and dryness and require little maintenance.

Unwind With Artwork and Lights

Loosen up by meditating on some calming outdoor artwork or sculptures. You can find weatherproof canvas or metal art at garden stores or online. Hang it on the back wall or from the balcony railing. Another idea is a Buddha sculpture or garden gnomes. Hang lights like paper lanterns or solar-powered strings of LED bulbs for kicking back after dark and indulge in candles for a soft, relaxing glow.

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