Layered pillows create an inviting bed.

How to Decorate Your Bed With Pillows

by Mary Cockrill

Piling on pillows makes your bed a welcoming retreat. Oodles of plump bed pillows combined with a few accent pillows add color, comfort and pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary bed. Arrange your pillows to pamper yourself in soft luxury with a designer flair to reflect your decorating personality.


When decorating your bed with pillows, layer a variety of bed pillows with decorative toss pillows for aesthetic appeal. The number of bed pillows you should use is based on personal preference. If your kids love to camp out on your bed, add a few extra bed pillows for them. Dress your bed with pillows to accommodate your bed size and desired comfort level. European bed pillows add visual interest to a bed with their square shape. Add toss pillows in a variety of shapes -- round, square, rectangular, oblong -- and sizes to increase visual interest.

Color and Style

Fit your bed pillows with attractive shams to give your bed a more refined, tailored appearance. Shams are gorgeous, but it does take time to remove them every night and replace them in the morning. An easy fix for getting the eye-catching look without taking up time is to quickly lay the shams on top of your pillows each morning and drape them over a bedroom chair at night. If the whole pillow sham thing doesn't work for you, cover your bed pillows in wrinkle-free pillowcases to maintain their crisp appearance. White pillowcases are always in vogue, and you can bleach them to keep them looking fresh. Mix bold-colored toss pillows with jazzy prints for a mood-lifting perk or use neutral beige or gray accent pillows to encourage a calming, tranquil feel.


The way you arrange the pillows on top of a bed reflects your personal style. Start layering your pillows by arranging your largest pillows in back and the smaller ones in front. You can create a symmetrical pillow arrangement by grouping your pillows with an equal number on each side or punctuate the symmetrical grouping with a single accent pillow for a bit of panache. Set toss pillows on an angle to add a chic modern feel. Toss accent pillows randomly against your bed pillows for a carefree grouping that your kids can help you with. If you're arranging numerous pillows, use a limited color palette so it doesn't overwhelm the room.

Other Ideas

Decorate your bed with toss pillows that have zippered pillow casings so you can easily switch out your decor without buying new pillows. Acquire pet- and kid-friendly casings that you can machine wash and tumble dry. Pile on the bed pillows to provide a comfortable place to lean back and read or watch television while you're in bed. Give your plump accent pillows a "karate chop" on the top to create a designer-savvy crease. Brighten up your bed pillows with patterned pillowcases or give them a classic look with monogrammed coverings.

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