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How to Decorate a Bedroom in Robin's Egg Blue & Chocolate

by Anya Deason

Some color combinations linger for a reason; a robin's egg blue-and-chocolate combo is one such time-honored pairing. Robin's egg blue is a green-blue, which is complementary -- a color-wheel opposite of the red undertone -- in chocolate-brown, and dramatic tonal contrast further explains this combo's perennial freshness. Bedroom decor options abound for this pair, which is helpful when your children's busy schedules cut into your shopping time. Deploy this faithful duo to create a bedroom with a Swedish, Modern, French Country or shabby-chic style.


Create a modified, Swedish bedroom with chocolate accents that ground the traditional, Swedish blue and white palette. White walls contrast in a fresh manner with a simple, robin's egg blue headboard, while blending with whitewashed, Swedish flooring. A white bedspread with a greenish blue-gray snowflake pattern coordinates with an array of pillows in robin's egg blue. Flank the bed with simple end tables, on which sit lamps with robin's egg blue shades and chocolate-brown bases. A simple, boxy armoire in dark walnut has a chocolate-brown look that complements a grouping of plain, narrow walnut frames and a chocolate-brown light fixture.


The fresh feel of robin's egg blue and chocolate complements modern bedroom furniture, including an open-top canopy bed in espresso, a color close to chocolate brown. The open canopy suggests clear, robin's egg blue skies, while robin's egg blue carpet and a matching bedspread coordinate. Between the canopy rails and headboard, place an abstract oil painting in an array of green-blues. Opt for an accent wall in chocolate, juxtaposing it with a simple armoire in robin's egg blue. At the foot of the bed, two robin's egg blue ottomans on a chocolate-brown rug provide a finishing touch.

French Country

For a child's bedroom, consider a French Country version of the robin's egg blue-and-chocolate color scheme. A simple, paneled bead-board bed has a fresh, French Country charm, especially with an espresso, milk-paint finish. Walls and a bedspread in Robin's egg blue provide contrast, while a grouping of children's farm animal illustrations under robin's egg blue skies provides a country flavor. Consider walnut frames, which correspond with the bed's color and dark wood flooring. An espresso-colored desk has an unexpected look when paired with a robin's egg blue chair, and curtains in robin's egg blue and chocolate coordinate with the entire room.

Shabby Chic

Robin's egg blue and chocolate combine with distressed, shabby chic whites to form an inviting cottage bedroom. Paint the walls white, while positioning a robin's egg blue iron bed against a wallpaper accent wall in a white, robin's egg blue-and-chocolate pattern. A pale, robin's egg blue bedspread coordinates as do embroidered white and chocolate-brown pillows. Opt for a distressed walnut dressing table with curving, cabriole legs and accent it with a chocolate matching stool with robin's egg blue upholstery. Complete the look with a pastel print in a carved white frame, white curtains and a skirted, white accent chair.

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