Storage cubicles help to separate your twins' toys and personal items.

How to Decorate a Bedroom for Twins

by Mary Cockrill

Before you give your twins' bedroom a makeover, sit down with them (if they're old enough) and have a chat about what they envision for the space. Listen to whether they prefer identical furnishings, or if they would like to express themselves as individuals through different colors and styles. If you allow your twins to have a voice in their room decor, they will be more likely to take ownership in keeping the space neat and clean.


For twin babies and toddlers, paint their room in a color you prefer. Light hues -- creamy white, misty gray, dusty beige -- provide a neutral backdrop for any decorating scheme and make it easy to change decorating styles as their interests and hobbies change. Delight your little ones by painting an accent wall with chalkboard paint where they can doodle and draw whenever they want. For tweens and teens, apply a paint hue they prefer to their walls. When each twin wants a different color, solve the design dilemma with a little compromise. For example, if one twin is in love with purple and the other one has to have orange, paint two adjacent walls purple and the other two orange. This will give each of them a personalized side of the room. Remember, it's only paint, and it's easy to change at any time.


Divide your twins' bedroom into separate zones to accommodate predetermined bedroom activities. Bunk beds provide an ideal sleeping area for twins sharing a small bedroom. For larger bedrooms, twin beds offer more defined sleeping areas. You can also set up activity zones in a bedroom to accommodate shared or separate interests. For example, situate a long, narrow table along a bare wall to create a budget-friendly desk that doesn't require much space. Tuck two student chairs underneath the lengthy desk to provide a separate study area for each twin. You can also use a vacant corner to set up back-to-back art easels for your budding Picassos. For a quiet space, place an area rug in a vacant bedroom corner, and add a couple of comfy beanbag chairs for your kids to lounge and read in. Let each of the twins choose their favorite chair color to give them a sense of identity.

Room Dividers

As much as twin siblings enjoy spending time together, sometimes they need their own private space. To achieve this, you can divide their bedroom down the middle with floor-to-ceiling curtains that hang from a curtain rod fastened to the ceiling. Attach clip-on metal curtain rings onto the top hem of the curtains so they can slide easily over the rod. If you prefer, attach a curtain track system to the ceiling in lieu of a decorative curtain rod. Separate corner activity zones in your older twins' bedroom by placing a freestanding folding screen diagonally in front of a television area, reading nook or other zone. You can also position an open shelving unit between your twins' beds to deliver the visual illusion of separate areas, while maintaining an open, airy feel. Fill the shelves with plastic storage containers in two different colors -- one color for each twin. Stash seasonal clothing, toys, electronics and other personal items inside the color-coded containers.

Other Ideas

Establish individual storage areas in your twins' bedroom for each child to stash private belongings -- a sense of identity is important for twin siblings that typically share almost everything. Furnish the room with a dresser or chest of drawers for storing pajamas, underclothing and folded T-shirts. Assign each child specific drawers for clothing articles. In larger rooms, you may have enough space for two dressers. Another way to encourage personal expression is to hang two large bulletin boards on the wall -- one above each bed. Your twins can tack photographs, artwork, memos, notes, certificates, ribbons and other important papers on his own bulletin board. Hang a wall shelf above each bulletin board so that each twin can further decorate with collectibles, trophies, framed pictures or toys.

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