Stick with neutral walls for a teen who wants to play with color in fabrics and accessories.

How to Decorate in Bold Colors for a Teen Girl

by Christine Bartsch

A teen girl has the vivacity and sassiness of a budding adult personality that she enjoys expressing through her appearance, lifestyle choices and her living space. Decorating the bedroom in her favorite bold colors gives the space a personalized pizazz and transforms the room into her personal sanctuary, but too much color may be hard on the eyes.

Vivid Walls

Consider bringing bold colors into a teen girl’s bedroom by repainting the space in a shade of her favorite color. Vibrant violets, rich reds or bold blues on the walls add a maturity a room previously painted in the candy pinks or mint greens of her youth. The downside of going with a bold wall color comes if your changeable teen decides she wishes she had painted the walls orange, yellow, or some other exciting new hue. Not only is repainting a pain, it’s double the work as the original bold color needs to be covered with a primer first to prevent it from showing through the new color. Go bold on the walls only for teens that don’t have color commitment issues.

Dramatic Fabrics and Textiles

The fastest and easiest way to bring in bold hues is by replacing your teen’s bedspread and curtains. Remove the cutesy comforter and lacy drapes she adored during her preteen days and let your teen select their replacements. Use the shopping trip as a bonding opportunity as you deepen your understanding of her tastes and interests while discussing what patterns and textiles work well together. Suggest items in vibrant primary or neon hues and graphic prints for a teen looking for a modern look, or visit a vintage fabric store for a teen seeking to create a retro room.

Striking Accessories

Whether assembling an outfit or designing a room, smart teen girls know it’s all about the accessorizing – but as moms know, it’s easy for teens to go overboard. Teach your teen the “less is more” lesson by demonstrating how to accessorize a room with a limited number of bold-colored decorative items that add eye-catching pops of color rather than overwhelm the room. Show her how to select brightly colored lamps, storage containers, artwork and tchotchkes that complement her selected color palette with the help of a color wheel or paint sample cards from the hardware store.

Balance the Boldness

Before your teen goes crazy with color in her room, take time to explain the necessity of balancing bold shades with the inclusion of a few neutral hues. After all, a vibrant throw pillow or chic chair can’t add a pop of color in a room overwhelmed with items of the same shade. In rooms with bold walls, suggest simple white or black furniture to add contrast and to provide places to display her brightly colored accessories. For a teen who changes her favorite color as often as she changes clothes, suggest sticking with a neutral white or taupe wall color so that she can alter her bedding, drapes and accessories without needing to repaint.

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