Decorate flip-flops to wear at a destination beach wedding.

How to Decorate Bridal Party Flip-Flops

by Erica Loop

If your maid-of-honor duties include coming up with creative ideas for a bridal shower or bachelorette party, try decorating flip-flops with the other BFF's of the bride-to-be. Treat the entire bridal party to a fun-filled craft that allows each member to decorate a pair of flip-flops in a spectacular wedding-themed style. After the decorating is done, the bridal party can wear their matching creations during pre-wedding prep time or as a comfy alternative during an after-reception party.

Choosing Flip-Flops

The first step you will need to take is choosing a flip-flop style. Remember the bridal party will need to decorate the shoes, making ultra-patterned or already adorned sandals a no-no. Go with styles that are simple and comfortable. Try a cushioned flip-flop, and avoid pairs that feature hard or rigid thongs that sit painfully between the toes. When it comes to colors, opt for a shade that matches the brides wedding theme. For example, if her colors are purple and white, select a lilac hue.


Don't go overboard buying loads of materials. Keep in mind that flip-flops have an extremely limited space to decorate. The main decorative items will go on the thong straps, making it challenging to add an array of stylish items to the shoes. Pick a few smaller options such as sequins, glitter, faux flowers or thin ribbons. You may also want to try a fabric paint -- only if you are decorating flip-flops that have a fabric type of thong -- to add a pop of color. Additionally, you will need a non-toxic, preferably water-proof, craft glue to hold the materials on and thin brushes, or other similar tools, for paints.


Choose one theme for the entire bridal party to take on. While each member can decorate her flip-flops in an individual way, everyone should follow one cohesive theme. You can go with something simple such as the wedding colors or try a more glitzy theme such as Hollywood glamour. If you are using fabric paints, you can also go with a word or number-based them, painting the date of the wedding or the couple's names onto the shoes.

Adding Decor

The final step to decorating your wedding themed flip-flops is to actually add the embellishments. Create a sparkle by adding sequins or a streak of glitter with the craft glue. Another option is to tie small bows with silky ribbon and glue them onto the thong part of the shoes. The bridal party can also try a similar design, using faux flowers in lieu of ribbon. If you are choosing to craft with fabric paint, have the bridal party members apply the paint with a thin water-color type of brush, or write letters and numbers by dipping the edge of a toothpick into a pool of the paint. For example, dip the end of a toothpick into a pretty pink paint then hand-write the couple's wedding date across the thong of the flip-flop.

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