A simple white bowl is elevated in its elegance by a selection of ceramic orbs.

How to Decorate With Ceramic Orbs

by Kathy Adams

The intriguing shape of ceramic orbs makes them well suited to many styles of decor, depending on the details on the orbs themselves. These orbs are available in many sizes and finishes from shiny metallics to flat, neutral tones or tribal-inspired designs. In a home with young children, keep the orbs out of reach, as these visual delights may be tempting to them, resulting in broken decor, not to mention the risk of injury.

Basket Case

A basket that looks nice enough to you to display on a table looks even better when filled with ceramic orbs. Add orbs in natural, neutral tones such as beige, limestone or charcoal to a dark brown or black basket for a room decorated in neutral tones. For a bright focal point, place a red patterned orb in a basket among neutral orbs, picking up on either the red or the pattern across the room, such as on a vase or with a framed piece of art. Fill the bottom of the basket with dried grassy fibers from a craft store or moss for a natural look. A few natural elements such as acorns or smooth river rocks adds to the organic vibe of the display.

In the Lineup

Create a line of orbs for display on a long table, mantel shelf or top of a bookcase using short, round household objects to keep the spheres steadily in place, such as large metal nuts, wood napkin rings, earrings or bracelets. Paint the makeshift bases all the same color to tie the look together when using orbs of varied sizes, colors and designs.

Level Up

A thrift store is filled with stands aplenty, missing the objects they were originally designed for. Warming tray stands, metal stands from glass vases long ago broken and even metal candleholders or plant stands serve as holders for an orb apiece, creating a display of varied heights for indoors or out. Arrange stands and orbs in order of height, or create a wavelike pattern by mixing small and large stands to your liking. Plant pots small and large can be used for a similar look; paint the pots all the same shade, such as black or white, if desired.

Surprise Elements

Outdoor spaces lend themselves to surprise elements of decor, as there are plenty of places to display your favorite things. Place a large, brightly colored orb behind or within a patch of tall plants or ornamental grasses, visible while walking past the plants. A series of unmatched orbs serves as visual border for a flowerbed or pathway. An orb in the center of a pond creates a spherical island, and it will look even more at home once it weathers a bit.

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