Craft and home improvement supplies revamp a child's computer desk.

How to Decorate a Child's Computer Desk

by Kathy Adams

Computer desks often are designed to be functional more than decorative, which may be fine for your office, but a little boring when used as for a child. To make that desk a little more fitting for your child's style, give it a fresh look. The best part is, you can revamp that desk again when your kid is older, tweaking it to fit the latest favorite activities.


A fresh coat of paint takes the drab out of any computer desk, especially if using a fun color such as apple green or bright orange. An ombre or fade effect across the desktop is made from one dark or bright paint color plus white, mixing a little more white into the paint successively across the piece. Chalkboard paint turns that computer desk into a drawing station when it's time to get "unplugged" for a while, allowing the child to draw to his heart's content without wasting paper.


Vinyl decals, typically used as removable wall decorations, also dress up an otherwise uninteresting computer desk. Themed decals such as baseball mitts and bats suit the sports enthusiast, while a younger child may enjoy decals featuring birds or baby animals. Create your own decals from contact paper or sticky shelf paper by drawing designs on the backing paper, then cutting them out with a craft knife. Vines, the child's name or musical instruments are some of the shapes that could be used as decals on the desk. The decals can be applied to a desk fresh from the store, or to one you recently painted.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is much more than that silver, supremely sticky tape used to repair just about anything in a pinch. Modern duct tape is available in bright colors and bold patterns such as zebra print, paisley, chevrons and camouflage, making it well suited to revamping an old computer desk that has seen better days. One color or pattern of tape can be used to cover the entire desk surface, with another for the side edges, or create diagonal stripes or chevrons using two different duct-tape patterns. Even the desk's legs can be covered in duct tape for a fresh, funky look suited to a tween or teen.


Decoupage is another way to cover the top of a computer desk that is well worn or unsightly. Old travel maps, pages from children's picture books or toy catalogs, or photocopied imaginary treasure maps used to cover a computer desk inspire the imagination of your child. To decoupage on a desk, sand the surface of the desk to help the decoupage medium stick better, then tear the piece of your chosen paper into random shapes or strips. Decoupage medium or watered-down school glue hold the pieces in place. To preserve the decoupage, apply another coat of decoupage medium or polyurethane, or add a glass top over the desk surface.

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