Put a little twist on traditional party decorations to make them fit for a monkey.

How to Decorate for a Child's Monkey Birthday Party

by Piaf Azul

On the playground, your preschooler might climb, swing and shriek so much that he reminds you of a little monkey. Instead of calling the local zoo to cart him off for a few hours, celebrate his animal instincts with a monkey-themed birthday party. There's no need to travel to the jungle to set the scene for the birthday fun. With the right decorations, you can create a party in your own house that will make your little ape go bananas!

Use a permanent maker to draw monkey faces on helium-filled yellow and brown balloons. Separate the balloons into groups of four or five, tying their ribbons together and placing each group in a different corner of the room.

Cover the snack table with a monkey, banana or palm tree-themed tablecloth. Arrange monkey-themed paper plates, cups and napkins on the table. Roll up candy treats in yellow tissue paper so they look like bananas -- and place them on the table.

Purchase a cake with a monkey motif at the bakery or make your own using a monkey mold. You can also make homemade cupcakes frosted with little monkey faces instead of a birthday cake. Make a centerpiece of bananas for snacking -- and offer chocolate-covered frozen bananas as treats as well.

Hang green crepe paper from the ceiling to create the appearance of jungle vines. You can hang bunches of real mini bananas alongside the vines, or make paper ones out of yellow construction paper. You can also hang a monkey pinata.

Place little stuffed animal monkeys around the room to add to the effect. These can also double as party favors when the guests leave.

Items you will need

  • Helium-filled balloons in yellow or brown tied with similarly colored ribbon
  • Permanent marker
  • Themed tablecloth
  • Green and yellow crepe paper
  • Bananas
  • Stuffed animal monkeys


  • You can provide monkey hats or tails for the little guests to wear.
  • Pop in a recording a jungle sounds to really set the stage for you party.


  • Always supervise toddlers around balloons because they could become a choking hazard if popped.

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