Work with colorful hats and mittens, which stand out against gray winter skies.

How to Decorate a Door With Mittens & Hats

by Erin Maurer

On the cold, gray days of winter, pulling on a warm hat and mittens keeps the chill at bay. Hats and mittens also bring texture and color to traditional winter decorations. Dressing up your door in fuzzy hats and mittens gives off a welcoming vibe. Coming home to this cheerful door décor may have you longing for a cup of hot cocoa.

Create a Christmas Tree

Turn your front door into a beautiful, colorful Christmas tree using washi tape and your knit goods. Washi tape is colorful, patterned tape used in scrapbooking and crafting. On your door, use the tape to create the outline of a Christmas tree. Attach small pieces of Velcro or double-sided tape to the cuff edge of the mittens and the crown of the hat. When using Velcro, stick the opposite piece directly to the door. Hang the mittens and hats on the door, as ornaments for your tape Christmas tree. If you are worried about the tape damaging your door, wrap the door in craft paper or wrapping paper before making your tree. You could also use this same process to create a tape snowman, decorating his hands and head with a hat and mittens.

Make a Wreath

Use mittens to create a fun, cheerful front-door wreath. Buy a flat wreath form at your local craft store. You can also make a wreath base from sturdy cardboard. Draw a large circle with a smaller circle in the center, to make a doughnut-like shape. Cut out your homemade wreath form. Take your mittens, in a variety of colors and patterns, and place a dab of hot glue or fabric glue on the cuff of the mitten and press it to the wreath form. Continue adding mittens to the base until it’s lush and full. Add a loop of twine or yarn to the back of the wreath and hang on a wreath hook on the front door.

Winter Planters

Turn mittens and hats into unique winter planters for your front door. Attach loops of fabric, yarn or twine to the inside cuff of your mitten or the inside brim of the hat. The mitten or the hat should face down when hung from the loop. Cut a small piece of floral foam, stuffing it down into the hat or mitten. Hang the foam stuffed hats and mittens from self-adhesive hooks placed on the door. Decorate the new planters with cut sprigs of holly, pine boughs or berry branches. Cut the sprigs to allow for two to three inches to peek out of the hat or mitten. Press the cut end into the floral foam to secure in place.

Dress the Door with Garland

Brightly colored hats and mittens strung on twine or yarn makes a cheerful garland adorning the front door. Measure the width of the door, adding 10 inches to this measurement. Cut three strands of yarn or twine to the adjusted measurement. Braid the strands together, creating the base for your garland. Add loops of twine or yarn to the inside cuff of a mitten or bottom brim of a hat. String your mittens and hats on the braided base. Swag your garland from the top of the open door, wrapping the loose ends to the backside of the door. Secure the ends with tape. Continue to create garland strands, wrapping each piece along the door until it is covered. Infant- and toddler-sized hats and mittens work best for this project.

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