A fishing net provides nautical or seaside cottage decor for a room.

How to Decorate a Fishing Net With Starfish and Shells

by Kathy Adams

A fishing net gives a room an instant nautical or seaside vibe; even more so if the net is decked out in a variety of shells and starfish. Choosing a new net from a decor supplier or outdoor outfitter means you won't have to spend time cleaning the net before using it as decor; or select a more weathered, but still clean net for a more worn, natural appearance. Shells and starfish may be from your own collection gathered from beaches over the years, from a seaside gift shop, or even a craft store.

Place two removable stick-on wall hooks high up on a wall, or on two adjacent walls; for example, above a headboard on one wall, or in a corner of a bedroom over a reading nook.

Span the fishing net between the two hooks by bunching the netting and looping two corners over one hook, two over the second, resulting in a hammocklike appearance. Remove and readjust one of the hooks if necessary to create the desired amount of draping.

Place a small assortment of large shells and starfish in the net, enough to give it a natural look as if the items had been caught in the net. If the net hangs low in the center, the grouping will be bunched together. For a net that spans a greater area, entwine shells within the crossed fibers of the netting, or tie them in place with short pieces of fishing line, which will be invisible from across the room. Fishing line also keeps starfish tied and aligned as you'd like.

Create a "fringe" of small seashells by cutting one piece of fishing line or narrow twine for each shell, two to three inches long. Loop one piece of line through each predrilled shell hole, then tie the loop in desirable locations along the bottom of the net. If the net is old and has loose fibers, tie the shells directly to the hanging strands instead.

Items you will need

  • Stick-on wall hooks
  • Fishing net with holes smaller than the shells
  • Assorted seashells
  • Starfish
  • Small seashells with predrilled holes
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Narrow twine


  • Fishing nets can also be hung between two ceiling hooks, such as in a corner of a room.
  • For a more permanent, sturdier structure, attach heavy-duty screw-in hooks to the walls after inserting wall anchors for added support. This extra support is ideal if you intend to hang heavier items such as fishing floats within the net.
  • A hanging fishing net can be use valance-style over a window; simply wrap or tie ends of the net near each end of the curtain rod, pulling the middle of the net downward for a swag effect.

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