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How to Decorate a Front Porch With Giant Christmas Balls

by Lorna Hordos

Giant Christmas balls are delightful decor for the front porch, as long as they don’t get in your guests’ or family’s way. Kids enjoy over-size decorations because they're cartoon-like and vibrant. Such jumbo features have attention-grabbing curb appeal since passersby can see them from quite a distance. Arrange 8-, 10- or 12-inch-diameter balls thoughtfully and they'll be less of a bother and more of a pleasure; save larger ones for the front yard.


Christmas comes not long after it’s time to remove dead plants from your planters, so clean and use them as containers for season-friendly decor rather than storing them away. Fill the planters with a “nest” of straw or evergreen branches. Set a jumbo ball in each one. Tie a wide ribbon into a bow through the balls’ hangers and position them at the top. Use traditional red, green or gold ribbons to complement the balls’ colors; purple, aqua or yellow bows for fashion-forward giggles; or bows in colors that go with your home’s exterior for matching merriment.

From the Gutters

The gutters around a covered front porch or along the roof backing an uncovered space is prime real estate for hang big Christmas balls. Use gutter-style light clips to attach various-length strands of pine garland for a staggered look, or even-length strands for symmetry. Hang the balls from the garland using large ornament hangers or paperclips.

Plant Hangers

Stake-type plant hangers are useful for hanging colorful jumbo balls. Push the stakes into the ground around the porch, and along a staircase and walkway. To give them a little extra sparkle, push a stake-style, exterior solar light into the ground below or between each one.

Around an Archway

A high, wide archway is just asking for a little Christmas cheer. Answer that call with a half dozen or so balls. Hang large, lightweight balls from satin or grosgrain ribbon, or tie them to exterior Christmas lights. The lights illuminate the decorations, making them even more magical.

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